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2 May 2013

Hybrid album

I've started working on a new album that is a mixture of the Kathy Orta designed lap book and her folio book ( I think) . I used the same tagged files from like lap book for the cover and some pockets.
I  attached the  pockets with  the hidden hinge she's used in some of her other albums book.....and layered them like her folio book I think...... I have to admit I didn't watch her folio  tutorial I just looked at a a finished one made by my friend.
I split the hinge into three parts and made 3 open ended pockets that slipped onto the hinges so the pockets overlapped
I covered the the back and sides with plain red cardstock. I used Martha Stewart paper for the front and to mat a couple of the pockets. Its nice to use brightly coloured paper rather than the darker Tim Holtz or Graphic 45 I've used the last few months.

The break I've had from paper crafting has set my straight lining up back to being skewiff!! I've got a lot  covering up mistakes to do ... ooops!!!!

I'll finish covering the rest of the pockets tomorrow and I'll try to cover up the wobbly bits too LOL.

Oh yes ......I just found my camera so hopefully I'll be able to post better pictures tomorrow ...


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