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14 May 2013

cupcake card and box

  It was a busy day at the crop on Saturday, Not only did we make the card and gift tag , we also made a box and a second card.

The box was a rectangle of card scored into 5 panels. We then made 4 little boxes which were stacked across 4 of the panels so when the panels were closed it created the bigger box. The lid kept the panels closed. we decorated the side panels and made a flower to decorate the lid.
Its ideal for keeping little items or giving as a gift box for jewellery. Its very cute, I'll have to think of someone to give it to.
I apologise for the poor quality of the pictures, the lighting wasn't good and I was too lazy to change it!

We also made this lovely cupcake stall card.. We cut strips of pink and white card and laid them across a strip of card. We also scalloped and stamped the bottom section of the card. This was adhered to the base with the scalloped edge being folded out.

Next we stamped and coloured the cupcakes and sprinkled them with a bit of glitter. Once dry we added them to the card. Finally we bend the strips to form the canopy and adhered that to the base card. The card was finished off with some ribbon.
I guess you could stamp candy or ice cream  instead of the cakes. That would be nice too.!


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