"Even without success, creative persons find joy in a job well done. Learning for its own sake is rewarding."

6 May 2013

A new beginning

Today I started painting in my new home made journal. As I said before I had a hankering to try to do something with a peacock theme so this is what I did!
It didn't turn out anything like I intended, especially the background. Initially I painted the background a light green and then drizzled some acrylic inks diagonally across the page.  I thought it looked cool but a bit bright, so I decided to give it a light coat of Gesso. Blow me down the whole thing smudged as I brushed on the Gesso. As It turned out I liked the way the colours smudged into each other giving  a streaked effect.

Next I used a peacock feather stencil and some ranger paint dabbers and  coloured in the peacock feather with the different colours. I touched up some of the shapes with metallic acrylic paint. I edged the shapes with pigment pens to give a better definition to the shapes.  I dropped some paint drops onto the page and rubbed some purple Gelato around the edge of the page to close it all in. Finally i finished it of by writing a saying along the left side of the page. it simply said, " Let nature inspire your creativeness."

I think  what I like about doing this kind of thing, it rarely turns out how I expect... makes it more interesting to do!!

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