"Even without success, creative persons find joy in a job well done. Learning for its own sake is rewarding."

29 May 2013

Larger vase of flowers

Having practised the vase of flowers from the Donna Downey class in my journal I decided to have a go at transferring the design to a large 24 x20 inch canvas.

Like before, I cut out some letters using cardboard from a cereal packet and adhered them randomly to the canvas. I covered the canvas and letters with Gesso. The leters  do give the background some additional dimension. Once dry I drew the design, this time I used a Faber-Castell Pitt pen which gave me a lot more control than the Indian ink.
I painted the background using blue and purple paints. I painted the flowers with magenta, yellow, orange and gold paints. I used green for the vase.
I used some black acrylic ink to do the drippage. I used the "ART is" stencil and stippled the words using the acrylic ink inst. I should have sprayed them but I don;t have a black spray so I stippled the words with acrylic ink instead. I preferred doing that because it gave me a bit more control on where the words went on the canvas.

I'm pretty pleased with the vase and the background but I'm a bit stuck on how best to do the  shadowing for the flowers and giving the petals some dimension so they lok more as individual flowers... if that makes sense. I've just spotted some parts  under the vase I've missed painting. I'll correct that  shortly.
 I've been very good and have left it and will go back to it tomorrow once I've given it some thought.........

I'm also struggling to decide what to do as my next project. I want to make a layout for my scrapbook.... I think.


28 May 2013

Life is art

 Yes its another page in my journal. This time I was trying out the cling film and paint technique. You're suppose to cover your page with paint then crinkle cling wrap over it and leave it to dry and it gives a lovely crinkled paper effect. I used pink, blue and purple paint to the page. I think I added too much paint because I didn't get the crinkled look. I did get a nice mottled coloured look though.
Once the background had dried I used a doily and stippled some gold paint on top of the background.
Next I drew circles using Liquitex acrylic red and white ink and let them drip. I stamped a Donna Downey stamp of flowers on the small page. I 'd made  the word ART stamp from some thin foam and adhered the letters to some acetate, I stamped that on the page, with a cut out word LIFE, the word is was just from a lettering sheet I had handy. I finished the pages off with drawing around the edges of the letters ad adding some spots of black ink .

I'm going to stick with painting  for my next project. I'm going to make the bigger version of the vase of flowers. Its going to be a challenge because I haven't used this size canvas before.....


27 May 2013

The journey of ART

 I'm really focused on my art journaling at the moment. This is another page I've painted. I don't know that I should cal it journaling because I rarely write anything really personal in them but I do enjoy messing about  with paints and inks.
Anyway, I adhered some random letters I'd previously cut using my Cameo. I just used cardboard (chipboard) from a cereal packets to make them. Once dry  I covered the page with Gesso.
Next I covered the page with yellow and gold ochre acrylic paint. I used the left over card from cutting the letters as a stencil and sprayed some nutmeg Dylusions paint. I tore up an old map and adhered some pieces to the page and went over it again with a watered down paint.
I added more texture by stippling paint through various stencils objects  like punchinella.
I touched up the letters with green paint and then used a Papermania set of traveling themed stamps and stamped all over the page. I made my own Washi tape by stamping some masking tape then using strips of it to write on. Unfortunately `I used some pigment ink rather than Stazon so it doesn't show up as well as I'd hoped. It looked better nice I edged the tape with green paint. I finished it off by adhering the last word from cut out letters.
The page is OK but not one of my best. Still its all about drying out different things. Some work, some don't.


20 May 2013

Napkin fold card

My daughter has caught the crafting bug too and she recently showed my how to make this lovely Napkin Fold card. It looks very effective especially when you use contrasting papers to decorate it.

The card is made from a single piece of 12 x 12 card stock that is  scored at 3inches along each side of the paper. This forms the inner square. Unfold the paper . Next find the centre of the inner square and fold each corner into the centre and score the folds. The diagram shows the blue score lines.

Now its time to fold the card into its final shape. Push the middle point of each side into the centre so that the sides fold inward and the corners fold out to form smaller squares at each corner.  The top flap of each small square is folded back to create the small triangles on each corner. The green lines show where the last fold back goes to form the triangles at the corners. Press each fold firmly.
A sentiment or a photo can be placed in
Cut 4 pieces of 51/2 x51/2 inch squares of patterned paper. two pieces of paper are cut in half and half again creating small triangles that fit the small ones in the card. The other two pieces of paper are cut in half and fit the 4 larger triangles on the inside.
Finally create a band and decorate to slide into the middle to keep the card closed.
There you have it!

17 May 2013

vase of flowers ( script cutting file)

Helloooo fellow crafters and friends,

This evening I finished the Trifold shutter mini album. All I had to do was to at the mats to each section. I used paper from the K and C company paper collection. The photo shows half of the album. The other side is  very similar to this side so I didn't see the point in posting a photo of the other side.

Last night I bought a painting class from Dona Downey studios and thought I'd better try it out on my journal before committing myself to doing it on a large canvas. I'm glad I did because it was a good learning experience where I made a few errors I wouldn't want to make on a larger scale. I drew the basic picture using a Faber Castell pigment pen. I was suppose to do it with Indian ink but I wasn't confident enough at that stage. I didn't position the flowers very well but thats OK, this was only a try out. I'll know better next time.
I painted the background with blue paint, then the lower half with violet. I did a bit f drippage down the bottom half with some acyclic ink.
I next painted the flowers, they were a bit of a challenge because I couldn't get the  mix of colours right. Next it was the turn of the vase. I painted that white and green and tried a bit of shading.  I think it turned out OK, I like the wobbly look of it.
I didn't have a stencil with writing on it so I made one that had false script on it and used that. I sprayed the stencil with some Dylusions ink.
Finally , the lesson said I was suppose to go over the lines again so I tried with the Indian ink this time. That was a bit of a disaster because the lines came out too thick for my liking.  Never mind I think it will look better on a much bigger canvas........ I hope!
You can download  the false scriptstencil cutting file HERE. Its best cut out of acetate or something similar.


16 May 2013

Trifold shutter mini album ( cuttng file)

Happy Thursday to you all!!  It's felt more like a Friday today...... shame I have to go to work tomorrow!! Its been a good day all around, I finished all my assessing and report writing for a while. Its so lovely to see  the children's hard word being rewarded by big improvements. I know how much effort they've put into their work.
This afternoon I went to the hairdressers and decided to have the fringe I grew out over the last six months cut back. The hairdresser cut the back shorter than the front and I think it looks much better. The acid test will come when I have to blow dry it into some style by myself. The hairdressers always make it look so easy!!
I won't mention how I accidentally went into and used the mens toilets instead of the ladies in Marks and Spencers store!!! ( Blushes with embarrassment!!)

I had two crafting tasks to do this evening.

1. My step grandson has got a tortoise and wanted me to make some stickers with the tortoise's name, so that's what I did. I made it out of vinyl.  If you would like the cutting file for the tortoise you can download it from HERE. It is set up for layering in vinyl with the registration squares that you need to line up the pieces, but  I guess you could do it as paper piecing.

2. Next I started making a Trifold shutter mini album. It consists of two single trifold shutter cards joined together. I'd made a single card  a few years ago as one of my first craft projects  when I  started crafting again. I spotted this tutorial on line and decided to give it a go.

It looks complicated but its very quick and easy to make. It simply involves cutting a 12 x 12 cards stock in half and  scoring  at 2,4,8,and 10 inches. Next I cut two linesacross the width at 1 3/4 inches from the top and bottom. next I fold along the score lines in a mixture of valley and mountain folds.  I cut three more pieces of card 2 pieces at 6 x 6ins and one at 4x6ins. The 6x6are scored at 2 inches and folded then adhered to the ends of each card. The 4 x6 is adhered to the ends to join the cards at the centre.
Next  I started matting some patterned paper to each section. I haven't finished doing that yet. I ran out of sticky tape!!
If you'd like to follow the original  tutorial on Youtube, the link is HERE.
I have created a Studio cutting file for the card. You can cut one to make a card or cut two to make the album. You can download the file HERE. You might have to adjust the size slightly to fit you paper.
Now I'm going off to order some more tape for my ATG!!

15 May 2013


Its been raining a lot this week and after a staff meting the rain stopped and out came the most lovely rainbow. It inspired me to do another journal page.
How did I do this page?
First I covered it with Gesso and then used drippage to create the columns of colours. I used watered down acrylic paint for this because I don't have  a good range of colours in other types of paint.
Once the paint was dry I adhered some washi tape along some of the coours and stamped patterns on the background and along the edges of some of the colours.
Next I made a raindrop stencil and used it to cover the page with raindrops made from molding paste.

Next I cut out the wording and the heart using my Cameo machine and ran some white gel pen along the words, and heart, to add some more interest. I found a paperclip in the shape of a hand and added it to the page to make it lok as if the hand was holding the heart in place.

What to do next? I think I'll try another small mini album using a shaped used for cards. I want to try it to see if it works out......


14 May 2013

cupcake card and box

  It was a busy day at the crop on Saturday, Not only did we make the card and gift tag , we also made a box and a second card.

The box was a rectangle of card scored into 5 panels. We then made 4 little boxes which were stacked across 4 of the panels so when the panels were closed it created the bigger box. The lid kept the panels closed. we decorated the side panels and made a flower to decorate the lid.
Its ideal for keeping little items or giving as a gift box for jewellery. Its very cute, I'll have to think of someone to give it to.
I apologise for the poor quality of the pictures, the lighting wasn't good and I was too lazy to change it!

We also made this lovely cupcake stall card.. We cut strips of pink and white card and laid them across a strip of card. We also scalloped and stamped the bottom section of the card. This was adhered to the base with the scalloped edge being folded out.

Next we stamped and coloured the cupcakes and sprinkled them with a bit of glitter. Once dry we added them to the card. Finally we bend the strips to form the canopy and adhered that to the base card. The card was finished off with some ribbon.
I guess you could stamp candy or ice cream  instead of the cakes. That would be nice too.!


13 May 2013


Hello peeps , how are you all doing?  I have been doing a little bit of crafting but haven't got around to blogging. Unfortunately its that time of year when I have to test pupils and write reports so I haven't had much time to blog.
I went to my local crop last Saturday. It's really good to get together with other crafters  they are so inspiring.  A Stampin Up representative gave another class and we made a spinning card. I've made one before so if you want the instructions you'll need to check out my earlier posts.

We also made a cute gift tag in the shape of a popcorn carton. You simply cut the card to form the basic shape then adhere strips of red paper to form the stripes. Edge the card with a scallop punch.  The inside has a tag with cloud shapes cut form a punch and adhered to look like the popcorn. We edged each "cloud" shape with yellow ink and scribbled some curls to make it more life like. The tag was finished off with a ticket stamp and ribbon.

My daughter and grandson came to the crop so it was a special day. I  so enjoyed having my grandson there. He behaved beautifully, laughing and gurgling all day and charming the other ladies!!
He's going to be a heart throb when he's older LOL

8 May 2013

Let it grow!

Since I bought some new paints I thought I ought to start using them. I'm enjoying doing some art journaling at the moment. I think this  page is one of my favourties so far.
 The photo doesn't show how bright the colours really are. The other photo I took had patches of shine reflecting off the light so it was even worse than this picture!The background consists of some Ranger tissue paper and green acrylic paint. Ran my home made texture roller over the page while the paint was wet so its left a bit of  texture. I stippled some white paint over some punchinella  and laid a pomegranate stencil onto the page and spread some fine molding paste to give dimension. I rubbed some areas with teal paint to soften the white paste. I cut out the flowers from paper in my stash ( sorry I can't remember the make) and adhered them to the page with the old faithful Mod Podge.  the flowers are a bright pink and orange in colour. Finally I added some scribbles and a few rub on. I want to put some wording saying something like "let your creative spirit grow" but my printe r is playing up so that'll have to wait.............

6 May 2013

A new beginning

Today I started painting in my new home made journal. As I said before I had a hankering to try to do something with a peacock theme so this is what I did!
It didn't turn out anything like I intended, especially the background. Initially I painted the background a light green and then drizzled some acrylic inks diagonally across the page.  I thought it looked cool but a bit bright, so I decided to give it a light coat of Gesso. Blow me down the whole thing smudged as I brushed on the Gesso. As It turned out I liked the way the colours smudged into each other giving  a streaked effect.

Next I used a peacock feather stencil and some ranger paint dabbers and  coloured in the peacock feather with the different colours. I touched up some of the shapes with metallic acrylic paint. I edged the shapes with pigment pens to give a better definition to the shapes.  I dropped some paint drops onto the page and rubbed some purple Gelato around the edge of the page to close it all in. Finally i finished it of by writing a saying along the left side of the page. it simply said, " Let nature inspire your creativeness."

I think  what I like about doing this kind of thing, it rarely turns out how I expect... makes it more interesting to do!!

5 May 2013

Tags done!

Ive had a very productive day crafting.
I've got on well with my album. All the pockets are covered, at last. I have to say I am loving this paper.Its so bright and cheerful!

 I cut out and matted the tags to go inside the pockets as well. 4 tags were just simple tag shapes and the 2 middle ones had a split flaps that folded both sides of the pockets. 
Next I had to decide how the album was going to close. I hadn't folded the cover correctly at the start so they don't close as tightly as I would like. I adhered some white ribbon across the middle of the album and then covered the ribbon with a strip of card to strengthen it.
All I need to do now is mat the big tags and then add some embellishments and some photos and I'll be finished.

3 May 2013

Hybrid album continued...

 Today has been a good day. Work was great, if a little busy and it was a good afternoon crafting.

I covered over some of my wobbly edges by punching some strips of patterned paper and adhering the m to the edges of my cover. This is a picture of the back of the album. Despite it being a repair I think it set the cover off quite nicely.
I'm still using the Martha Stewart paper for the album.

Next I matted all the side pockets and the centre pockets.

 As you can see the side pockets overlap and looking at the photo I realise I need to add some more glue to the edges of some of the mats!

I alternated the papers  so each set of pockets co-ordinate with each other. The centre pockets have my favourite patterns so far.

Next I need to make the inserts to go inside the pockets. I'm not sure how I want to shape them yet. I'll have to have  a think about that and try out a few options.... a good excuse to have a play with the Cameo  hehehe

I also want to try  a page in my home made journal. I have a hankering to do something related to peacocks but I'm not sure what yet.  I can't draw for toffee so I doubt I'll do a whole peacock... maybe a peacock feather????


2 May 2013

Hybrid album

I've started working on a new album that is a mixture of the Kathy Orta designed lap book and her folio book ( I think) . I used the same tagged files from like lap book for the cover and some pockets.
I  attached the  pockets with  the hidden hinge she's used in some of her other albums book.....and layered them like her folio book I think...... I have to admit I didn't watch her folio  tutorial I just looked at a a finished one made by my friend.
I split the hinge into three parts and made 3 open ended pockets that slipped onto the hinges so the pockets overlapped
I covered the the back and sides with plain red cardstock. I used Martha Stewart paper for the front and to mat a couple of the pockets. Its nice to use brightly coloured paper rather than the darker Tim Holtz or Graphic 45 I've used the last few months.

The break I've had from paper crafting has set my straight lining up back to being skewiff!! I've got a lot  covering up mistakes to do ... ooops!!!!

I'll finish covering the rest of the pockets tomorrow and I'll try to cover up the wobbly bits too LOL.

Oh yes ......I just found my camera so hopefully I'll be able to post better pictures tomorrow ...