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20 Apr 2013

Poorly again!

Sorry folks I haven't been blogging the last few days , a recurrence of a tummy bug has kept me from blogging.
I have done a little crafting. I finished the baby album for my Mother in law. I just added the photos and a few more embellishments. I didn't have time to take a photo because mother in law needed it to take with her when I'd finished it.

I've also started my son in law's birthday card. Its going to be the same as the metal page I did in my journal but instead of the word METAL I've put his name on a piece of card and covered it in foil. That's as far as I've got on that one. I just sat quietly pressing shapes in to it  this afternoon.

Finally I did start the last page of my journal but I only got as far as painting it orange and stamping a grid using  a home made stamp from scraps of the under tile flooring, the workmen left for me, but thats as far as I  managed with that.  It'll have to wait until I feel better.

I think another trip the doctor is needed. I'm fed up of feeling poorly!


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