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11 Apr 2013

No throwing tantrums today!

Ahh!!!   Its been a much better day crafting today! I completed much more than I expected to do. Not only did I make the cover I made all the pages as well. I matted and decorrated  quite a few pages as well. I need to find out what photos my mother in law want to include before I add any more embellishments.

I used some the  graphics 45 and animal antics packs I used on previous baby albums so this is  a mixed theme project but I think it works. 
Its the double sided  type of album I designed for  my mother in law's  album when my grandchildren were born last Autumn (Fall). She has asked me to make this one  again because she wants to give it away as a gift.
 I simply made the pages  by folding the cardstock in a concertina and adhereing them to each side of the cover.
  Each side is for each of  my grandsons  with more recent photographs. 
 I felt much more organised and it was fun doing this project.

Its hard to believe the babies are 6 and 7 months old now. They are such good natured babies and its so funny watching them eye each other up when they meet. Last time they took it in turns to smile and giggle at each other. It was lovely to see them reach out and touch each other and try to grab the other's  hands.

Anyway,  I think I'll ditch the lapbook project. It isn't inspiring me at all at the moment. It certainly isn't relaxing me. I'll have to think of something else to make. .... any ideas out there peeps??? LOL

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