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10 Apr 2013

In the bin!

Hello crafters,
I was going to post yesterday and show  you how  I was getting back to the Kathy Orta's lap book project I started oh weeks ago. If you remember I got as far as the basic construction of the book.

I watched her video to start adding the pockets. I watched and watched   that video over and over and I just couldn't  get the info to sink in. I managed to mat one page then tried again at watching the video and start making the pockets .  

Hangs my head in shame because ...... you know the rule about walking away from a task if it isn't working  out?  I ignored the rule and kept trying.......... but....... I was very naughty ....... I got so frustrated with myself  that..... Uhmmmmm...... I ...uhmmmm....... ripped the whole thing up  and threw it in the bin!!!!

Not only do I have to redo the pockets, I'll have to reconstruct the whole album. How bad is that?
I've been saved though, I've been commissioned to make a baby brag book so that's what I'm going to start tomorrow!!



  1. I cannot say that I blame you! Sometimes some projects just are not meant to be. I would rarher make a brag book any ol' day!!

    1. I have to agree with you JAnn. I've decided to ditch the lapbook project. Although I love her work I have noticed several mistaes in her measurements and I think thats where I get frustrated.
      I'm enjoying doing the brag book..... so far.. It'll depend on how many bloopers I make though LOL!!


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