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8 Apr 2013

Buterfly journal page -- alphabet stencil

As you can see I did another page in my journal. I wanted to have another play with my Gelatos. I coloured the page with blue, pink, purple and green  in a circular shape.
Next I used my Teal  and green dylusions spray and a home made alphabet stencil to add some letters to the background.
 Next I used my Pebeo inks to drizzle down the page. Unfortunately the inks are not permanent so then smudged as I adhered the butterflies on to the page. The butterflies were from a sheet of elements by Anita. I'll need to go back to this page and add some wording and shading once everything is dry! This page didn't turn out anything like I'd planned but that's the way things go I guess.
Huge blooper tonight!!! As I was clearing some space to add some shading I knocked over the  magenta ink bottle and it spilled all over everything! Virtually the whole bottle spilled out!! Luckily I have several layers of  paper covering my table then a plastic sheet so the ink only seeped through the paper. The ink spilled onto my journal but it only coloured the corners of the  pages so I can rescue those... I hope.  It was a mad panic mopping it up before it spilled onto my carpet.  The good thing about the spill was it covered a little envelope which is now a lovely shade of pink! I'll use it for something else once its dry.

Although you can't see the stencils on the journal page  very well you can download the stencil from  HERE.
If you want to make your own stencil cut out the file using  acetate or heavy duty poly pocket plastic. I use the plastic covers used on comb binders. They are strong but soft and pliable.


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  1. Thanks once again for being so generous and offering your work, it is really appreciated


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