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6 Apr 2013

Baaaaa Baaaaa - sheep cutting file

Looking back through my journal so far I felt my pages were quite often dark in colour.  I decided it was time to brighten things up and do something bright and cheerful.This page is just a bit of fun... it has to be because I can't draw sheep that lok sophisticated LOL.
Although it snowed last week the weather has been bright and sunny the last two days  so it inspired me to thing that Spring has arrived at last. As you know Spring is a time when new life is born and there's nothing more cut that Spring lambs.
How did I do this page? Last night I ripped up scraps of flowery paper and adhered them tot he page with Mod Podge, I also added a few pieces of T.Holtz tissue roll. Next I used light green and pink acrylic paint  and textured the page with punchinella. I put a coat of Gesso over the page to soften the colours slightly.
I found some washi tape and added a few strips to the page then used my new gelatos around the edge and in a few places on the page.  That was the end of the background.
 Today I cut out the lambs and used coarse molding paste to cover the lamb and sheep bodies. I used a cocktail stick to 'draw' swirls to give some dimension and texture to the animals. I adhered them to the page then added some googly eyes to the biggest sheep and a button for his nose.
I blended in some darker green gelato tot he page edges and decided it needed a little more. I got out my loop punch and created a border to cover the centre of the pages and spaced out around the page and there you have it!!... ooops.... I forgot to mention I stamped a comment on the page saying Spring brings new life and new hope.
If you would like a paper piecing cutting file for the sheep you can download it from HERE . The file has the body on portrait layout so the sheep faces you but as you can see, on my photo its easy to turn the body around to get a side view.


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