"Even without success, creative persons find joy in a job well done. Learning for its own sake is rewarding."

30 Apr 2013

I'm back!

I'm finally feeling a lot better. I must have been run down because I went straight from one infection to a virus then to another infection and so on for a few weeks. It was an enforced break from crafting.

Its two years today I started blogging so a huge thank you to all you lovely people who have been visiting my blog. I've really appreciated your comments and visits.

A few days ago I bought some very large sheets of water colour paper because I wanted to make my own journal book. I watched and followed a video by Teesha More where she made her own journal. You can follow her directions HERE if you want to make your own journal book. Here is a photo of the one I made.  You'll have to excuse the quality of the photo but I've mislaid my camera so had to take the picture with my ipad. Some of the pages fold back and I added a few additional insertions to make it more interesting.
It didn't take long to make and it gave me the incentive to finish the last page of my old journal.

I layered yellow then orange acrylic paint onto the background. Next I used some underlay from having the bathroom tiled to stamp the grid using brown paint. I used some brown gelato to rub around each square to give it some dimension. I typed out the saying  and adhered it to the page. I rubbed some green gelato around the edges of the words and page then dabbed some yellow Ranger paint dabber on tp to blend in the words. I stamped the date onto a small tag and stapled it to the corner of the page.

It's nice to get back to doing something at last....


20 Apr 2013

Poorly again!

Sorry folks I haven't been blogging the last few days , a recurrence of a tummy bug has kept me from blogging.
I have done a little crafting. I finished the baby album for my Mother in law. I just added the photos and a few more embellishments. I didn't have time to take a photo because mother in law needed it to take with her when I'd finished it.

I've also started my son in law's birthday card. Its going to be the same as the metal page I did in my journal but instead of the word METAL I've put his name on a piece of card and covered it in foil. That's as far as I've got on that one. I just sat quietly pressing shapes in to it  this afternoon.

Finally I did start the last page of my journal but I only got as far as painting it orange and stamping a grid using  a home made stamp from scraps of the under tile flooring, the workmen left for me, but thats as far as I  managed with that.  It'll have to wait until I feel better.

I think another trip the doctor is needed. I'm fed up of feeling poorly!


15 Apr 2013

More flowers

Hello friends and fellow crafters.
 I've been doing some more journaling the last few days.

This is the penultimate page of my book. I had already used some stencils to layer the background. Next I used some Prima flower stamps to add flowers to the background. I coated the pages with gesso to fade the colours slightly. Once dry I ripped some circles of different sizes from scrap paper, scrunched them up and layered them onto the page with some stems. I cut out some birds and bunting and adhered them tot he pages. I finished the flowers off with some buttons as centres for the flowers and edged the page with some  iridescent  green gelato.
I want to decorate  the cover of my journal so I'll have to give that some thought... any ideas out there??

12 Apr 2013


I'm really getting back into my journaling again. I think its because I've bought some better quality resources. I treated myself to some better paints in February and recently bought some Gelatos and a couple of Liquitex paints..... oooo I do love experimenting with them!! I love the geloatos and I think I'l be investing in a few more liquitex paints because I love the colours and the texture of them.
Today I used green and blue  liquitex paints and a plastic loyalty card to spread the two colours over  the page.
 I wasn't sure what I wanted to be the main focus when I spotted my novelty pencil and holder. Its made of wood with the flower and stalk being the pencil. I love the colours and thought I'd use that as an inspiration on one side of the page. I used a mixture of acrylic paints, Pt brush pens and and gelatos to create the flower heads. I'm not  impressed with my flowers because they are suppose to look like poppies but think they look more like ... errr ....goodness knows what kind of flower. I like the leaves though. I stamed some hearts and flowers with some Stazon and a script background stamp.  I also used the plastic circle at the end of my ATG tape refills to stamp circles
One the other side I cut out some hearts from some scrap paper. The envelope is the one that I spilled some ink over the other night. I adhered the envelop to the page and topped it with the hearts. The black heart is an actual embellishment I found on the floor in the street.

I stamped a quote that says "What I make with my hands I give with my heart" to finish it off.


11 Apr 2013

No throwing tantrums today!

Ahh!!!   Its been a much better day crafting today! I completed much more than I expected to do. Not only did I make the cover I made all the pages as well. I matted and decorrated  quite a few pages as well. I need to find out what photos my mother in law want to include before I add any more embellishments.

I used some the  graphics 45 and animal antics packs I used on previous baby albums so this is  a mixed theme project but I think it works. 
Its the double sided  type of album I designed for  my mother in law's  album when my grandchildren were born last Autumn (Fall). She has asked me to make this one  again because she wants to give it away as a gift.
 I simply made the pages  by folding the cardstock in a concertina and adhereing them to each side of the cover.
  Each side is for each of  my grandsons  with more recent photographs. 
 I felt much more organised and it was fun doing this project.

Its hard to believe the babies are 6 and 7 months old now. They are such good natured babies and its so funny watching them eye each other up when they meet. Last time they took it in turns to smile and giggle at each other. It was lovely to see them reach out and touch each other and try to grab the other's  hands.

Anyway,  I think I'll ditch the lapbook project. It isn't inspiring me at all at the moment. It certainly isn't relaxing me. I'll have to think of something else to make. .... any ideas out there peeps??? LOL

10 Apr 2013

In the bin!

Hello crafters,
I was going to post yesterday and show  you how  I was getting back to the Kathy Orta's lap book project I started oh weeks ago. If you remember I got as far as the basic construction of the book.

I watched her video to start adding the pockets. I watched and watched   that video over and over and I just couldn't  get the info to sink in. I managed to mat one page then tried again at watching the video and start making the pockets .  

Hangs my head in shame because ...... you know the rule about walking away from a task if it isn't working  out?  I ignored the rule and kept trying.......... but....... I was very naughty ....... I got so frustrated with myself  that..... Uhmmmmm...... I ...uhmmmm....... ripped the whole thing up  and threw it in the bin!!!!

Not only do I have to redo the pockets, I'll have to reconstruct the whole album. How bad is that?
I've been saved though, I've been commissioned to make a baby brag book so that's what I'm going to start tomorrow!!


8 Apr 2013

Buterfly journal page -- alphabet stencil

As you can see I did another page in my journal. I wanted to have another play with my Gelatos. I coloured the page with blue, pink, purple and green  in a circular shape.
Next I used my Teal  and green dylusions spray and a home made alphabet stencil to add some letters to the background.
 Next I used my Pebeo inks to drizzle down the page. Unfortunately the inks are not permanent so then smudged as I adhered the butterflies on to the page. The butterflies were from a sheet of elements by Anita. I'll need to go back to this page and add some wording and shading once everything is dry! This page didn't turn out anything like I'd planned but that's the way things go I guess.
Huge blooper tonight!!! As I was clearing some space to add some shading I knocked over the  magenta ink bottle and it spilled all over everything! Virtually the whole bottle spilled out!! Luckily I have several layers of  paper covering my table then a plastic sheet so the ink only seeped through the paper. The ink spilled onto my journal but it only coloured the corners of the  pages so I can rescue those... I hope.  It was a mad panic mopping it up before it spilled onto my carpet.  The good thing about the spill was it covered a little envelope which is now a lovely shade of pink! I'll use it for something else once its dry.

Although you can't see the stencils on the journal page  very well you can download the stencil from  HERE.
If you want to make your own stencil cut out the file using  acetate or heavy duty poly pocket plastic. I use the plastic covers used on comb binders. They are strong but soft and pliable.


6 Apr 2013

Baaaaa Baaaaa - sheep cutting file

Looking back through my journal so far I felt my pages were quite often dark in colour.  I decided it was time to brighten things up and do something bright and cheerful.This page is just a bit of fun... it has to be because I can't draw sheep that lok sophisticated LOL.
Although it snowed last week the weather has been bright and sunny the last two days  so it inspired me to thing that Spring has arrived at last. As you know Spring is a time when new life is born and there's nothing more cut that Spring lambs.
How did I do this page? Last night I ripped up scraps of flowery paper and adhered them tot he page with Mod Podge, I also added a few pieces of T.Holtz tissue roll. Next I used light green and pink acrylic paint  and textured the page with punchinella. I put a coat of Gesso over the page to soften the colours slightly.
I found some washi tape and added a few strips to the page then used my new gelatos around the edge and in a few places on the page.  That was the end of the background.
 Today I cut out the lambs and used coarse molding paste to cover the lamb and sheep bodies. I used a cocktail stick to 'draw' swirls to give some dimension and texture to the animals. I adhered them to the page then added some googly eyes to the biggest sheep and a button for his nose.
I blended in some darker green gelato tot he page edges and decided it needed a little more. I got out my loop punch and created a border to cover the centre of the pages and spaced out around the page and there you have it!!... ooops.... I forgot to mention I stamped a comment on the page saying Spring brings new life and new hope.
If you would like a paper piecing cutting file for the sheep you can download it from HERE . The file has the body on portrait layout so the sheep faces you but as you can see, on my photo its easy to turn the body around to get a side view.


5 Apr 2013


Hello there friends,
I finally got to the doctors yesterday and I am dosed up with some new medication plus some antibiotics and I am beginning to feel better today.
I have been crafting today but there is no photo because I have only completed the background in my journal. Now that's not interesting enough to photograph yet.

I've been doing a lot of extra work lately so I decided to treat myself to something I've been drooling over for a while. It's very difficult to find Faber Castell Gelatos in the UK but I managed to find two suppliers online. One was reasonably priced (www.thatscrafty.co.uk) but the Gelatos set I wanted was out of stock....big disappointment! i found another supplier and one was in stock but worked out as costing £9 more once P&P was added. I emailed That's Crafty and they advised me the pack I wanted would be in stock within two days. They emailed when it was back in stock so I ordered it in Wednesday evening. It arrived today! Great service I must say.

I had a little play tonight colouring some of the background.....I love them! Now if you live in the USA you can get Gelatos but you can also get Faber Castell GEL STICKS which are the same thing but a lot cheaper than the Gelatos so
If you can't afford the Gelatos, keep an eye out for the Gel Sticks! Again they are not available here. I could buy them from an American site but the cost of shipping would be too much.
Tomorrow I hope to finish my page and post a picture in here!


2 Apr 2013

Spring- daffodil cutting file

In between coughing I managed to paint a picture over the last couple of days. I used mainly acrylic paints. I painted it all blue to begin with then used the same Donna Downey Stencil I used in my journal in a darker blue paint to create a pattern in the centre. Next I used a home made stencil of tiny holes to spread a light blue molding paste over the canvas in patches.
Next I used another home made stencil, made up of diamond shapes, to make green metallic shapes on the bottom half of the canvas. I then used different textured materials  e.g not slip matting, doilies, stamps to add more texture and colour to the canvas.

I cut out the vase, and daffodils from a cutting file I made in the Studio software using different paper and assembled them onto the page with Mod Podge.
I added some rub ons as well. I shaded some areas using the Faber-Castell Pitt pens.
Its not finished yet, I need to go back and do some more shading when the  canvas is dry and the inks don't smudge so much. I need to darken the centre of the daffodils and shadow around the vase.

If you would like the daffodil on a vae cutting file yu can download it from HERE