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28 Mar 2013


Today I went to the Crafty Friends group and made two cards using the fairies I'd stamped and coloured before. I found the backing paper at last so use that. Unfortunately I don't have a photo of them because it was two member's birthdays and I gave them the cards I'd made.
Ah well, never mind. Instead I'll post a picture of the page I decorated in my journal today.
This page was inspired by Rach0113 who did a similar design on apiece of card a while ago. She is a very talented young lady. You can see her video on Youtube HERE. Thank you Rach0113 for the video.
 I cut out some letters from card as well as some label shapes, using my Cameo.
I adhered some wall mesh tape to parts f my page and adhered the card shapes. Once the glue was dry I covered the whole page with some metal foil tape. I used my embossing tool and rubbed the shapes so the  tape molded to the texture underneath. I used a small circle shape from on old pen and pressed it into the tags and some of the letters to make them look like rivets and screws.
I also made some other texture but running little texture rollers over the metal. Next I covered a piece of card with the foil tape then using an embossing folder run it through  my Bigshot. I cut  two little quares and adhered the cogs to the page.

I covered the page with dark red acrylic paint then before it dried wiped most of it off so just bits of red stayed. I repeated the process this time with black paint and that finished the page.



  1. That's a great journal page, I thought it was real metal at first! What a kind person you are to give away the cards you made - but I'm sure the recipients were delighted with them. Have a great weekend! xxx Keren

  2. THIS is pretty darn cool!! Explain to me the metal foil tape--is it shiny as it goes on? Is it thin or thick. We have this metal adhesive for the purpose of sealing a metal area so water doesn't penetrate it...found in the hardware stores. If you could just give me the name brand, I'm sure I can google it.

    Oh, FWIW, there are brads that look like screw heads-- the flat tip and the cross tip (Philip's head screws)...I can imagine THOSE would look pretty neat on there as well!


  3. Thanks ladies. I added some more information in my new post but forgot to mention that yes it is shiny when you put it on. It only goes dull when you cover it with paint.

  4. I thought this was a card for craig at first glance mum! Very clever though, I love it!!

  5. I can always make one like this for Craig if you like....


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