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29 Mar 2013


Before I show you my latest picture this  photo is an answer to Jann's questions about my metal page.
I used SELF ADHESIVE ALUMINIUM FOIL or as the USA call it aluminum foil. Its very thin and is about the same thickness as the foil you would use in the kitchen.
I bought mine in my local hardware store and there wasn't a manufactures name on the roll, sorry.  I believe is what the plumbers use to wrap around  pipes. Its not expensive at all. I know Rach0113 use additional thicker tape but I just used what I already had in my stash. Hope this has helped.

I've been gutted today, I thought my cough had gone but it came back with a vengeance yesterday  and today. My throat is just so sore with all this coughing ggggrrrrrr .......... Just have to battle through it because I don't want to spend most of my Easter break in bed
I carried on with some ore work in my journal  today.
 This time I used some of my home made shimmer mist spray. You can see how to make your own in thew tutorial section of my blog.  I simply ripped the edges of the page then sprayed green, purple and pink mist over it. Once that dried I added drops of the same colour, I tried to make it look like splats  by blowing on the drops but it didn't look  great. Next I used  two Donna Downey Stencils, One was called chevron  arrows. The other is called perforated dots flower but to be honest I couldn't see the flower. I just liked the abstract look.
With the 1st stencil I just stippled some black paint onto the stencil. The arrows stood out too much against the softer colours so I softened them but putting a coat of white Gesso over them.
Finally I used the 2nd stencil I didn't use the while stencil because my page was much smaller than the stencil so you don't see the dots I  added some pearlised dimensional paint by Heritage Crafts.

Tomorrow I'm not crafting.  I'm going to Worcester to meet up with very dear friends so it'll be  a day spent chatting and laughing! If that doesn't cheer me up nothing will!!


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