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14 Mar 2013

Ipad cover

Woohooo I'm back!  Tonight I decided to make a cover for my iPad. I keep my iPad in my work bag, my handbag and lots of other places and I was conscious that I have sharp or pointed things in my bags that might damage my iPad. I bought some owl fabric and some wadding from a local sewing shop. I cut  2 rectangles and sandwiched them with wadding. I sewed them together and sewed across the two layered to create a quilt. I  folded the piece to create the bag with a flap lid.  I then sewed the top of another piece of fabric and placed it onto the front to make a pocket to hold my ear phones and stylus.

Finally I sewed the sides together and added two loops and buttons to make the fasteners.

I've used clear buttons temporarily and I hope to find some owl shape buttons that I can swap.
I'm pleased with it even though my sewing wasn't very straight but I can live with that LOL
Why did I chose  owl fabric? Because it matches the new handbag my son bought for my birthday!


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  1. VERY cute, Sheridan!!! I have a Toshiba Thrive 10" tablet and I like your idea of creating a cover for it--the pocket for the stylus and earbuds is a great idea as well. Great job.


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