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27 Mar 2013

I'm feeling better at last!

Corr what a couple of weeks its been. If it wasn't a tummy bug it was a nasty hacking cough that wore me out! I just couldn't face doing anything other than going to bed and sleeping.

Never mind things can only get better... I've managed to get some crafting done today. Here is a card I made at my local crop the Saturday before last. The crop was a class help by Debbie the Stampin Up representative.  I left early so didn't finish it all at the time so I completed it today.
Its a double easel card. The material is from Stampin up. We stamped the card suing a large flower die and then stamped and cut the flowers. we made the first section then the second flower which was place at the front of the base  of the larger card.

The brad acted as the stopper for the smaller card. I think it makes a nice Easter card.

Next I finally finished off that box sectioned box I started weeks ago. I adhered the fibrous buterfly to the to and added a key to make the body.
I had a flower mobile made from the same material as the butterfly . I cut one of the flowers and placed it in the base of the square then adhered the heart frame in the centre and finished that section with another butterfly that was off a cheap pair of ear rings. The rst f the squares I added the embellishments you can see.
I finished it off by painting the sides and top with blue acrylic paint and stamped with some lettering stamps randomly stamped on the sides.
I  the paint go over the edge of the triangle section just to soften/ distress the shape a bit because I thought it looked too regular ... if you know what I mean.
I fancy doing some work in my art journal next. I haven't done any of that in months.... but I've also got to carry one with that folio album I started too. ... one thing at a time though.


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