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25 Feb 2013

Lapbook Project

Today i started making another of Kathy Orta's albums. This one is the Lapbook project. I managed to complete the construction of the album following Part 1 and 2 of her tutorials on YouTube. She uses a Christmas theme but I'll be using something different.

The file folders she used are hard to find  in the UK but I managed to find a British supplier on ebay. I had to buy a box of 100 but they only cost £8 so I've got enough to try other projects and use them for work so they won't go to waste.
The instructions are very clear so it didn't take long to construct them.
I think I have to make the pockets  so I'll need to decide what paper I'm going to use. You see... I'm still not forward planning..........LOL



  1. Hello, I know you posted this over a year ago now, but I was wondering if you could help. I recently came across Kathy Orta's videos for the lap book (only just, I know! Where have I been hiding...?!) and I'm really really struggling to find the right file folders in the UK, too. I tried following your link, but can't seem to find anything - am I looking in the right place or do you think they'll just be out of stock now it's a year later. So far the very cheapest I have found is around £25 - it's ridiculous! I wondered if you'd come across anywhere else to get these type of file folders, I got so excited when I saw you had them, AND were in the UK.

    Hope this makes sense and you can help, thanks!

    1. Hi Charlotte, I took another look at that link I posted but it seems they don't stock the files anymore. I'll have another hunt online and let you know if I find another source.

    2. Hi again Charlotte, I've had a hunt around but have only found one link for similar files but they are for coloured folders
      I also took another look at the box of files I have. I did buy a box of 100 files but a friend shared them with me so its not so bad.

    3. Thanks so much for getting back to me and for looking again! It seems they're so elusive! I think I've eventually managed to track down some kraft type ones that are quite cheap - also a pack of 100 so i'll have to getting thinking of some uses for them!

      Thanks again for your help.


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