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19 Feb 2013

this and that

Tonight its been a mixed bag of tasks. I painted a little heart frame to gowith the heart I covered on Sunday. I made the frame look a bit more distressed and old.
 I used H2O paints and rough coated it with some Mod Podge to seal it. I cut out a heart shape from the Docrafts bookprint collection and slotted it inside the frame. I want to put  a different shaped embellishment inside the heart but I'm not sure what yet..

Next I decided to do another canvas. I was inspired by Donna Downey's art Journal on uTube. Its one of her Inspiration Wednesday Videos. I liked the idea of the different shaes of grey for the background. She used Pan Pastels but I just stuck with what I have, which is my acrylic paints.
I covered the canvas with bits of the Bookprint paper again and then brushed different shades of grey  onto the canvas blocking them into squares using acrylic paints.. I edged the blocks with black acrylic paint. I want the paper to show through. But the background isn't quite what I want there are too many brush marks but once I layer a few other things onto it should look a bit better. I've left it to dry for now. I have an idea to put a figure in the centre but I'm not totally sure how I want her to look. You'll just have to watch this space to see how the painting develops.

While that was drying I went back to my altered box.

I decided the box was going to be too boring with all the sections being the same so I added another division that created two triangles instead of one. I covered the inside two of the sections  so I could close off one of the triangles and insert it into the box. I justed used tissue paper and decoupage glue to cover inside the sections. It was harder than I expected, I kept tearing the tissue of the glue dried too fast so it left air bubbles and wrinkles all over the place!
I think I might section off another  square on the long section, but have just a small section and again close it off..... but I'm not sure if it will look ok?  what do you think ?   ooooohhhh blas! I've just spotted two little patches I'me missed covering!!  arrrgghhh!!!!!!


  1. I love the idea of putting something different inside the heart - could you perhaps make a bird, or a feather or angel-wing shape? a key?

    Now... about these H2o paints...
    How are they to work with? I've seen some people use them, but what's the coverage like? Is it easy to get the consistency right when you mix with water? I really am drawn to the twinkling H2o's... but worried that the cost won't warrant me buying them if I use them too little. I wonder how they cover and look on Kraft paper products?

    Love the grey block background too - I especially like the visible brush strokes - it's reminiscent of wind and thundery rain :)

    As for the box - I really like the diagonal compartments :) I guess adding more compartments is up to your personal taste - I'd add loads :) But then, I have a lot of little bits'n'bobs I could put into little compartments. So what's more practical for you?

    Rambled on enough now :)
    I really should be getting back to finishing my mini album and blogging too *lol*

    Have a brilliant week,

  2. Hi Bubbles,
    ThenH2O paints come little pots and you have to soften the block of paint with a little water before you use them. They give great coverage but you must remember they are water colours. They give a lovely pearlised finish when they dry. I bought a couple of pots then bought a pallet of them. I'll try to put up a photo of them tomorrow for you. I'll definitely add another section to the box. I also thought maybe a key or wings for the heart frame.

    I love your albums!, the battery on my iPad is almost flat so it's bed for me!!!


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