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25 Feb 2013


 I got around to adding more to my lastest canvas. I decided to make a girl skating as my winter theme this time. I made some stencils of some swirls  from  strong Poly pocket PVC and used them to create the swirls on the canvas. One I simply stippled with some pearlised white acrylic paint and sprinkled some coarse glitter over it to give a bit more sparkle the others I sprayed with  some blue Cosmic shimmer  ink spray. I fixed it with some hairspray before sealing it with some Mod Podge. It did bleed as I brushed the Mod Podge over it  but  the hairspray did  stop it  smudging too much. The rest was stippled through some  punchonella and stamped with background stamps and Stazon ink. Lastly I added various rub ons.
I cut out the girl from black card because I wanted her to be a sort of silhouette figure. I pleated and  adhered some tissue to create her  skating outfit and skates. I used very narrow white ribbon to made the belt and bow. I made the fur effect around her hood, sleeves and boots using glue and flower soft.
Its a bit late in the day now but I'll try to upload the stencils for the swirls  for you in my next posting.

Thats all for now folks!


  1. oh THIS is wonderful!! There is a product by Marvy Uchida called Liquid Applique (322 Col#0 White) that resembles snow when a Heat tool is applied to it. I thought that was what you used on the edge of the skater's hood.

    I bet this is just stunning in person. GREAT job.

    Love the pleated effect of her skirt!

  2. Thanks!! My daughter has already said she want it LOL


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