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23 Feb 2013


 Today I went t the Chepstow Crafters crop. I divided the long section by  adding a divider from card. I adhered a few more tissues to my box but its not interesting enough to post a photo yet.
I took my Promarkers  to do a bit of colouring . I've had them for quite some time but I don't use them often. They are alcohol  based colouring pens a bit like Copic pens that are popular in the USA. 
The first one is a stamp designed by Sam Poole. I didn't stamp them well because I forgot to take my stamping blocks with me but it didn't matter because I was only playing and they are not for any specific project or card. I used different dhades of red fr that one.

The next two are tamps from the Midnight fairytale from Papermania. I used  shaes or orange and yellow for the fairy standing. I gave her green hair... fairies can have any colour hair they like!! 
 The next fairy I coloured using different shades f purple for her wings, pink for her dress and blue for her hair. There is a mark on her right wing, its a piece of acetate that was stuck to my table. I didn't notice it was there until I posted the picture. It will brush off.
I don't think I have  enough promarkers to get the shading  totally right but I'm not going to buy any more Promarkers yet. I can't justify buying more  until I use them more often. I'll have to find the backing paper to go with the collection and make a card for them................ if I can remember where I put the paper pack!!!


  1. I love promarkers as well--a lot cheaper (even here in the US!) than Copics. I've been able to find all the colors from www.scrapbookpal.com.

    I'm collecting them alphabetically which is easier to keep track that way for ME.

    That 3rd picture with the acetate--it appeard to be a torn wing when I first saw it.

    Oh, I designed a Studio file to cut out circles for permanent adhesive sticker paper. It's 80 circles per section.


    is the link where you can download it, if you wish.

    I color the circles and adhere them to the back of the Promarker so I can see which color it is. I store them horizontally in Sparco X cubes (here is a Tiny URL link I made to show you what I mean):

  2. Thats a good idea! Thanks Jann. I'll try to download it in a minute.


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