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12 Feb 2013

Mixed media Owl (cutting file)

I have been wanting to do a canvas for a while so it was lovely getting the paints out today. I've painted two pictures to represent summer and autumn for my daughter so I needed to do a canvas to represent winter.

I didn't want to paint the usual snowman or house covered in snow so it took me a while to work out what I wanted to paint. I finally came to doing an owl on a post while it was snowing. I painted the background using two shades of blue that I swirled using the end of a paint brush. Unfortunately I painted over it to get rid of some of the snow flakes because I thought I'd added too many.

The owl is in sections so there are gaps between each piece. The blue of the owl between the feathers shows the original background colour shows what it was like.The owl is  just shapes adhered tot he canvas to create the owl shape. The  snow has been given dimension by using molding paste, both smooth and rough types. The snow flakes were made by dabbing white acrylic paint through a mask I made with the Cameo.  The post is just brown acrylic paint that I scratched into and dabbed with some green acrylic dabbers. I hope she likes it. A few rub ons and squiggles finished it off. I've just got to seal it all with a bit of Mod Podge and it'll be ready for my daughter.... I hope she likes it.

If you would like the owl as a cutting file you can download it HERE


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