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3 Feb 2013

Finished Orhganiser

 I couldn't do any crafting Friday because it was  time t babysit grandson number 2. He stayed over night. Aww bless him he was as good as gold until Saturday morning when he filled his nappy ad it went all up his back ... typical.. I'd bathed him the night before. Never mind , his mum treated me to a coffee in town as a reward.
When he'd  gone ho,me I took the opportunity to finish off the Kathy Orta POSH organiser . I haven't embellished it a lot because I'm giving it to my daughter and she wants to add her own embellishments to personalise the organiser.
I simply added some decorative corners and name plate on the front cover.
 Inside the album,  I added the pieces of paper where she can write her appointments and birthdays for each month.  They fit  nicely into the slanting pockets.
While I was in town with my daughter I managed to find a couple of note books that fit perfectly into the the slot at the back of the  organiser. I simply adhered some patterned paper to the front of the notebook so it coordinated with the  rest of the organiser.

I have started a second organiser to use for myself. Looking at the instructions a second time I realise I made some major errors when I fixed all the pages together but I think it still works so I'm not going to change it now the first album is finished. I'll make the changes for the second  one.

What I have done is transfer the shapes needed for the pages and pockets to my Studio software. Most of it is simple squares or rectangles. Once I'd done all the shapes, I  cut them out and scored them on my score board. Doing the shapes on my Came meant I cut them out much quicker and all the shapes were exactly the right size and not cut squiffy as I usually do when using the guillotine. It certainly speeded things up! I should finish this one much faster than the first. I know more about what I'm doing this time... not that it means I wont make any mistakes.. because I will for sure!!

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