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5 Feb 2013

Colour blind....

Having converted a lot of the construction shapes to cutting files, then cutting them on the Cameo means the second album has been much easier and quicker to make.
I think I'm going colour blind or something because I bought a paper collection from K&Company and then used purple card stock  to construct the organiser.
When I looked at the paper pack it then looked blue and not purple as I first thought.

          I still can't make up my mind if the paper is blue or purple because the colour changes  under different lights. What colour do you think the paper is?  I still like it so I guess it doesn't matter what colour it is... LOL
Now I've finished the construction stage I must get on and cover the pages .... oooo I almost forgot .....and add the diagonal pockets

 I made the cover about half an inch bigger than stated in the instructions  which allows more room for the pen positioned in the spine. It doesn't interfere with the pages of the diary section because it has some extra room.
I'm fighting off a cold at the moment so I'm going to have an early night. The pages can wait until tomorrow....

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