"Even without success, creative persons find joy in a job well done. Learning for its own sake is rewarding."

28 Feb 2013


Sorry Folks, I haven't been crafting this week. Work has taken over my evenings with loads and loads of reports to write. Ive got more to do tomorrow and on Saturday I've got to go to my uncle's funeral.
I'll be back soon!!!!

25 Feb 2013

Lapbook Project

Today i started making another of Kathy Orta's albums. This one is the Lapbook project. I managed to complete the construction of the album following Part 1 and 2 of her tutorials on YouTube. She uses a Christmas theme but I'll be using something different.

The file folders she used are hard to find  in the UK but I managed to find a British supplier on ebay. I had to buy a box of 100 but they only cost £8 so I've got enough to try other projects and use them for work so they won't go to waste.
The instructions are very clear so it didn't take long to construct them.
I think I have to make the pockets  so I'll need to decide what paper I'm going to use. You see... I'm still not forward planning..........LOL



 I got around to adding more to my lastest canvas. I decided to make a girl skating as my winter theme this time. I made some stencils of some swirls  from  strong Poly pocket PVC and used them to create the swirls on the canvas. One I simply stippled with some pearlised white acrylic paint and sprinkled some coarse glitter over it to give a bit more sparkle the others I sprayed with  some blue Cosmic shimmer  ink spray. I fixed it with some hairspray before sealing it with some Mod Podge. It did bleed as I brushed the Mod Podge over it  but  the hairspray did  stop it  smudging too much. The rest was stippled through some  punchonella and stamped with background stamps and Stazon ink. Lastly I added various rub ons.
I cut out the girl from black card because I wanted her to be a sort of silhouette figure. I pleated and  adhered some tissue to create her  skating outfit and skates. I used very narrow white ribbon to made the belt and bow. I made the fur effect around her hood, sleeves and boots using glue and flower soft.
Its a bit late in the day now but I'll try to upload the stencils for the swirls  for you in my next posting.

Thats all for now folks!

23 Feb 2013


 Today I went t the Chepstow Crafters crop. I divided the long section by  adding a divider from card. I adhered a few more tissues to my box but its not interesting enough to post a photo yet.
I took my Promarkers  to do a bit of colouring . I've had them for quite some time but I don't use them often. They are alcohol  based colouring pens a bit like Copic pens that are popular in the USA. 
The first one is a stamp designed by Sam Poole. I didn't stamp them well because I forgot to take my stamping blocks with me but it didn't matter because I was only playing and they are not for any specific project or card. I used different dhades of red fr that one.

The next two are tamps from the Midnight fairytale from Papermania. I used  shaes or orange and yellow for the fairy standing. I gave her green hair... fairies can have any colour hair they like!! 
 The next fairy I coloured using different shades f purple for her wings, pink for her dress and blue for her hair. There is a mark on her right wing, its a piece of acetate that was stuck to my table. I didn't notice it was there until I posted the picture. It will brush off.
I don't think I have  enough promarkers to get the shading  totally right but I'm not going to buy any more Promarkers yet. I can't justify buying more  until I use them more often. I'll have to find the backing paper to go with the collection and make a card for them................ if I can remember where I put the paper pack!!!

21 Feb 2013


No crafting today, Its my birthday so I've had a lovely meal and evening with my family.
This afternoon, I did  go the city (Cardiff) and popped into an art/craft shop (called the Inkspot). Its a converted church and has a lovely atmosphere. They don't have an online shop which is a shame because they had some nice stuff in there.
I treated myself to some new acrylic paints which are a better quality to the cheap ones I usually buy. I also bought some new paint brushes, gel medium  and a bottle of cosmic shimmer spray, its a gorgeous blue colour. I don't know what I'm going to do with it, I bought it because I loved the colour!!
Does anyone know if Cosmic shimmer is waterproof when it dries? I might use it on my canvas if it is.
Oh, yes I bought two sheets of patterned tissue paper to put on my box.  It means I won't have to use  all the paper that came with the kit which is mainly red.
Hmmm I can't remember what colour tissue  I bought ..... geesh .... I'm  definitely getting older... losing my memory now!! LOL


19 Feb 2013

this and that

Tonight its been a mixed bag of tasks. I painted a little heart frame to gowith the heart I covered on Sunday. I made the frame look a bit more distressed and old.
 I used H2O paints and rough coated it with some Mod Podge to seal it. I cut out a heart shape from the Docrafts bookprint collection and slotted it inside the frame. I want to put  a different shaped embellishment inside the heart but I'm not sure what yet..

Next I decided to do another canvas. I was inspired by Donna Downey's art Journal on uTube. Its one of her Inspiration Wednesday Videos. I liked the idea of the different shaes of grey for the background. She used Pan Pastels but I just stuck with what I have, which is my acrylic paints.
I covered the canvas with bits of the Bookprint paper again and then brushed different shades of grey  onto the canvas blocking them into squares using acrylic paints.. I edged the blocks with black acrylic paint. I want the paper to show through. But the background isn't quite what I want there are too many brush marks but once I layer a few other things onto it should look a bit better. I've left it to dry for now. I have an idea to put a figure in the centre but I'm not totally sure how I want her to look. You'll just have to watch this space to see how the painting develops.

While that was drying I went back to my altered box.

I decided the box was going to be too boring with all the sections being the same so I added another division that created two triangles instead of one. I covered the inside two of the sections  so I could close off one of the triangles and insert it into the box. I justed used tissue paper and decoupage glue to cover inside the sections. It was harder than I expected, I kept tearing the tissue of the glue dried too fast so it left air bubbles and wrinkles all over the place!
I think I might section off another  square on the long section, but have just a small section and again close it off..... but I'm not sure if it will look ok?  what do you think ?   ooooohhhh blas! I've just spotted two little patches I'me missed covering!!  arrrgghhh!!!!!!

17 Feb 2013

Owl revamped

I decided to give my blog a bit of a spring clean and make a few changes. I hope you like the new look!
The owl mixed media canvas I did last week has been bugging me. The more I looked at it the less I liked it grrrrr .....  soooooo...... I decided to redo the background.I used diferent shades of grey acrylic paint to cover the background. It starts lighter on the right hand side and gradually gets darker towards the right. It doesn't show up very well on the photo but it is clear to see in real life....... honest!!

Next I just flicked white paint over the canvas to indicate snow and added some texture by stamping with some non slip matting. I know it sounds strange but if you brush a little paint over the material it gives a lovely textured finish patches of canvas.
Next I tore a circle of paper from the Papermania newsprint collection ad adhered it to the canvas I lightly brushed  around the "moon to give a hazy effect.

I finished it off with a few rub ons. What do you think? Is it better or worse than the first attempt?

I've also  started my next project. I bought one of those
sectioned boxes from Papermania, This box has different compartments  and the kit came with different kins of hearts.  To be honest, I bought the wrong one and because I was too lazy to go back to the shop and get the right one I decided to work on this one instead! 

All I did was cover one of the hearts with red and black tissue paper. I don't  want this to be very feminine and lovey dovey but I do love this paper. I simply coated the heart with decoupage glue and covered it with the thin paper. I want to paint the next piece, a heart shaped picture frame,  to look a bit metallic.

It's going to be work in progress through out this week and I hope to finish it at the Chepstow Crafters crop on Saturday.
Ohhhh...  its back to work tomorrow .....sighs... less time to do any crafting :-(


Wow!! How lovely to be nominated for the Liebster Award.

What is a Liebster? Here's some information -

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A massive THANK YOU to Karen for nominating me.

My Nominations are:-
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15 Feb 2013

Celebration tile

Tonight it was time to do something different. My daughter in law end me a photo frame that had detail of a birth, I thought it would be a good idea to do something similar on a ceramic tile using vinyl.

This is what I did. I used different colour vinyl and different fonts to create the writing. I don't have a wide range of colours in vinyl so some of the words don't stand out as well as I'd hoped. I cut a map of where my grandson was born and adhered it to the tile. Next I covered it with crackle glaze. I don't know why but the crackle glaze didn't crack and went a little opaque. I don't think there is anything I can do to change that so it is what it is. I think I'll run some Stazon ink around the edge of the tile just to make the words pop  a bit.
That's all for now folks! Have a great day crafting.


14 Feb 2013

Ladybird (bug) Birthday Card

Even though I've got the week off from work I don't seem to have had  much time for crafting. It took me ages to defrost the freezer yesterday!Today I spent some time at the Crafty Friends group then went to help my son because his car broke down. ..... Oh..... Yes ..........Happy Valentines Day!!
Anyway, my daughter  doesn't like my owl painting so its back to the drawing board for that one. I'm beginning to have an idea in mind but I'll have to work it out before I start another canvas........

In the meantime I decided to make my great niece's first birthday card.
I used A4 card folded in half. I matted the base with  two pieces of paper from the Dovecraft Garden Party (6in x6in) collection. I don't usually buy 6 x 6 papers so it must have come as a free gift in a magazine.
A strip of ribbbon across the centre hid the join of the two papers.
The ladybird girl is a digistamp from Little Scraps of Heaven blog spot which is free to download. I transferred it to My Studio software and coloured it in digitallt. I then used the print and cut option to cut the girl out several times. I decoupaged the goirl and adhered her to the card with foam pads. I added some red gems  on her antenae and some Glossy Accents on the black dots and eyes to give some added dimension.
I also cut out the wording using my Cameo. The wording says 'Happy Birthday Alys' in the welsh language.
I punched out two circles with an ordinary hole punch and added some black dots and some trails with white gel pen. I rounded off the corners with the scalloped corner chomper and there you have the card!
I bought two  ceramic tiles yesterday so what am I going to do with those??? Watch this space.....................

12 Feb 2013

Mixed media Owl (cutting file)

I have been wanting to do a canvas for a while so it was lovely getting the paints out today. I've painted two pictures to represent summer and autumn for my daughter so I needed to do a canvas to represent winter.

I didn't want to paint the usual snowman or house covered in snow so it took me a while to work out what I wanted to paint. I finally came to doing an owl on a post while it was snowing. I painted the background using two shades of blue that I swirled using the end of a paint brush. Unfortunately I painted over it to get rid of some of the snow flakes because I thought I'd added too many.

The owl is in sections so there are gaps between each piece. The blue of the owl between the feathers shows the original background colour shows what it was like.The owl is  just shapes adhered tot he canvas to create the owl shape. The  snow has been given dimension by using molding paste, both smooth and rough types. The snow flakes were made by dabbing white acrylic paint through a mask I made with the Cameo.  The post is just brown acrylic paint that I scratched into and dabbed with some green acrylic dabbers. I hope she likes it. A few rub ons and squiggles finished it off. I've just got to seal it all with a bit of Mod Podge and it'll be ready for my daughter.... I hope she likes it.

If you would like the owl as a cutting file you can download it HERE


11 Feb 2013

Granny's little helper

Yesterday was a chill out day after a busy few days with friends visiting and a day with the grandchildren. I did manage to grab a spare hour, in the evening, to craft.
I made a 12 x 12 page layout to go inside the grand childrens' album. I used paper from my stash. I've had this paper for ages so can't remember where I got it from. I matted a strip of hounds tooth pattern paper down one side. I used the Cameo to cut another mat that was a diamond lattice design to go on top of the strip. I also use the Cameo to print and cut some kitchen utensils and apron as embellishments.
I matted the photos with blue Bazzil textured cardstock.
The lettering is my own handwriting. I wrote the words on a piece of paper then scanned it into my computer. I imported it to he Studio software, traced it and cut it out. I thought it would be nice to have my own handwriting on the layout.
Once I'd assembled the page I wrote the journaling on the apron and adhered that to the page.
I have a hankering to do some painting next. It'll be for my daughter who has  summer and autumn  canvases but I need some inspiration to do a winter themed canvas. Time to put my thinking cap on!!

8 Feb 2013


Woohoo I finally finished my second planner..... Sighs with relief..... All I had to do was mat all the pages and pockets which is what I did at the Crafty Friends group this afternoon and finished this evening.  I also changed one of the pages by attaching some ribbon in a way I can insert memos etc.
I can't remember how I added my photos from my iPad  to this Blog so unfortunately there is no photo to go with this post. To be honest a photo wouldn't be much different  to to the one in my last post.

I still need to do the 12 x 12 scrapbook layout of my grandson so I really must get started on that soon.....


5 Feb 2013

Colour blind....

Having converted a lot of the construction shapes to cutting files, then cutting them on the Cameo means the second album has been much easier and quicker to make.
I think I'm going colour blind or something because I bought a paper collection from K&Company and then used purple card stock  to construct the organiser.
When I looked at the paper pack it then looked blue and not purple as I first thought.

          I still can't make up my mind if the paper is blue or purple because the colour changes  under different lights. What colour do you think the paper is?  I still like it so I guess it doesn't matter what colour it is... LOL
Now I've finished the construction stage I must get on and cover the pages .... oooo I almost forgot .....and add the diagonal pockets

 I made the cover about half an inch bigger than stated in the instructions  which allows more room for the pen positioned in the spine. It doesn't interfere with the pages of the diary section because it has some extra room.
I'm fighting off a cold at the moment so I'm going to have an early night. The pages can wait until tomorrow....

3 Feb 2013

Finished Orhganiser

 I couldn't do any crafting Friday because it was  time t babysit grandson number 2. He stayed over night. Aww bless him he was as good as gold until Saturday morning when he filled his nappy ad it went all up his back ... typical.. I'd bathed him the night before. Never mind , his mum treated me to a coffee in town as a reward.
When he'd  gone ho,me I took the opportunity to finish off the Kathy Orta POSH organiser . I haven't embellished it a lot because I'm giving it to my daughter and she wants to add her own embellishments to personalise the organiser.
I simply added some decorative corners and name plate on the front cover.
 Inside the album,  I added the pieces of paper where she can write her appointments and birthdays for each month.  They fit  nicely into the slanting pockets.
While I was in town with my daughter I managed to find a couple of note books that fit perfectly into the the slot at the back of the  organiser. I simply adhered some patterned paper to the front of the notebook so it coordinated with the  rest of the organiser.

I have started a second organiser to use for myself. Looking at the instructions a second time I realise I made some major errors when I fixed all the pages together but I think it still works so I'm not going to change it now the first album is finished. I'll make the changes for the second  one.

What I have done is transfer the shapes needed for the pages and pockets to my Studio software. Most of it is simple squares or rectangles. Once I'd done all the shapes, I  cut them out and scored them on my score board. Doing the shapes on my Came meant I cut them out much quicker and all the shapes were exactly the right size and not cut squiffy as I usually do when using the guillotine. It certainly speeded things up! I should finish this one much faster than the first. I know more about what I'm doing this time... not that it means I wont make any mistakes.. because I will for sure!!