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1 Jan 2013

Wall stencils, cutting files

 Woohoo!!! I hope you all had a greqt New Years Eve? I did, One of my grandsons stay the night so Hibby and I spend a lot of time admiring him sleeping in his cot!! We did toast in the New Year. I can't believe how fast this past year has gone.... I hope this year slows down a bit because I'll be hitting a BIG birthday next year!!
 I finally got to spend some time in my carft room tonight. I wanted to do a page in my journal which I haven't done since the Summer. I had an idea to represent strength when all around you is crumbling. From the rubble life will build you something different. To me this was about losing my mother in the Summer and gaining my grandsons soon afterwards.
Where to start? hmmm I wanted a brick effect on my page but I didn't have a brick stencil so I had to make one. Soooo  out came my trusty Cameo and Studio software. I created a  brick wall cutting file.   
I loved it but the bricks were too regular for what I wanted so I went back to the drawing board and created a stone wall cutting file instead. That too looked a bit too regular but better for my page. However as I cut the acetate some of the cut pieces moved around my mat and  stopped the blade cutting through some of the plastic. This left some spaces on my stencil. This turned out perfect for what I needed. You'll find the stone wall cutting file will cut out more 'stones' that my picture shows.

 I use  plastic/acetate  used as clear covers when  you bind books with those plastic binding spines. They aren't craft related but they are great for making stencils. They are pliabe but strong at the same time and easy to cut on the Cameo. The brick was cut from blue acetate and the stone from clear. The stone stencil looks pink because I used it to spray  dylussions ink on my page before taking my photo.
Ok, Back to my page. How did I do it. Aftr painting the page with Gesso I used my new stencil and dabbed the page with Rangers paint Dabbers (Terra Cotta) then sprayed with a little Dyllusions spray ink to give a less red effect.The top wall is suppose to be falling down and the bottom stones are piecing together  building  a new future. I coated the page with some Mod Podge but unfortunately it did smear slightly. so the page isn't as white as |I wanted. Hmmmm  impatience rearing its naughty head again!!!
When it was dry I edged some of the bricks with red, borown and black Pitt pens. Next I used black acylic paint and splatterd some over the pag. I write a few things  about losing my mother and gaining  grandsons in the spaces. Next I cut out a strip of paper from my scrap box and cut chevrons and adhered to the page to show life moves on. I stamped a few sentimenst then finished it off by ripping the edges of the page and edging in black paint.  I admit I don't know whether I like it ... Ahhh Well! ....  with journalling some pages are better than others!!.
You can download the stencils from the word links or from below
Stone Wall Stencil.
Brick Wall Stencil


  1. Love these! Thank you for sharing the files. I have been wanting to make some stencils using my Cameo but wasn't sure what to use for it.

  2. I'm glad you like them. I also use laminating pockets split into single sheets. They are a lot thinner and less robust than the binding covers.


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