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18 Jan 2013

Starting the Cover

Tonight I've made a start on the cover. I don't have any shipboard so I just used some very thick cardstock which should work just as well.
I think I need to stock up on a few things like chipboard as I seem to have run out. That Tyvek looks  good too so I might order some of that too. Its not easy to go shopping at the moment as we've had  lots of snow and my car can't get up my driveway until I dig it out.
 Anyway back to the task.... I again followed Kathy Orta's video on Making the cover and cut 5 pieces of card and  I fixed them with 1/4 inch spaces  and again used duck tape to strenghten the folds. I've got to choose some paper next to cover the card stck. That's a task for tomorrow......


  1. Chipboard is getting like gold-dust to find here! And when you do find it, it's hellishly expensive - around £1.25 per 12"x12" sheet. I ordered 25 sheets from an american company at amazon.com and it cost me less than £17 including shipping. I get my tyvek from ebay - you can buy it in 1" strips as puppy-collars or festival-bracelets... or in sheets. Don't buy the heavier weight tyvek though - it's just not as good for Kathy's projects.

    Your album is looking good... can't wait to see how you start embellishing it :)

  2. Hi Bubbles,
    Its so nice to hear from you again. Thanks for the Tyvek advice, I'll remember that when I order some. Yes chip board is very expensive, I often get some off cuts of mount board from the local picture framing shop, its a lot cheaper and very strong.

  3. Where can i get that Tyvek cardstock you have there?

  4. Tyvek is not cardstock, it is a very thin paper type of sheet with an almost plastic feel to it. It is very strong and helps protect the areas that fold and crease.
    I bought mine from Amazon


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