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6 Jan 2013

New Album

I've had a busy time crafting this afternoon. I tweaked the 60th birthday topper , cut and distressed it. I haven't put it on a card yet. I just placed it on some black card to make it easier to see. Oh! decisions decisions.. which one should I use? This one  where the shape of the guitar is not so obvious but hubby's name is clearer or the other one where the guitar shape was  more obvious but his name isn't so clear? ... I used to be indecisive but now I'm not so sure!!
AS well as doing this I started making an album. Its a Kathy Orta design and I did the first page as instructed on her utube tutorial for her December Daily 2 album.
Kathy used a card and envelope set to base her album.
The last album I made  ripped because the envelopes were a bit flimsy so this time I ordered some good quality envelopes and used pearlised card cut to the right size. They seem to  be  fairly sturdy so far.

I've made the first "page" which consisted of two envelops and cards that make up two actual pages. Once I'd adhered the envelopes and cut the card to make pages and pockets and tags, I matted them with my own paper. As usual I haven't used the same resources as she has because I just want to use up some of my stash.
I have a lot of single sided scrapbook paper that needs using up. I'm using up the Dessert Bloom collection. It's got a lot of glittery paper in the collection which I'm not that keen on but it needs to be used up. 
My stash doesn't seem to be going down at all at the moment even though I seem to use a lot of it! I've got to make quite a few pages so I'm sure I'll eat into my stash .... eventually!!
I think this project will have to be done in between other ones I need to do. My mother in law's birthday is this month ( before hubby's) so I'll have to get started on her card pretty soon.

Sigh's....... its back to work tomorrow with a busy period coming up with more reports and new plans to write :-(

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