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30 Jan 2013

Mount board

I only did a small amount  on my album tonight. First I had to go out to buy some mount board. I use that instead of chipboard to make covers to albums. It's thick but cheaper than chipboard.  My local shop was closed so I had to go further afield to the bigger store in the next town. It was worth the journey because I bought an A1 sized piece of board for the same price I would have paid for a much smaller piece in my local shop.
By the time I got home and made dinner for the family it was getting late. I cut the board to the size needed and started following the instructions to make the cover. I  adhered the  board to the patterned paper but came to a grinding halt... I needed some elastic but I couldn't find my sewing box. I hunted high and low for it but goodness knows where it's disappeared .... So frustrating!

I packed away my stuff and will,start again tomorrow.... After I've been to the shop to buy some more elastic......  Sorry no photo today there wasn't much to photograph .

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