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24 Jan 2013

Finished Album!

Here is my finished album!

I went to the Crafty friends group this afternoon and finished adding some mats and layers to some of the pockets and tags  some of which you ccan see in the photos. This evening I added the closure which is a simple 1 1/2 inch band of skin effect .... errr I don't know what to call it. I bought it as 12 x 12 paper but when it came its  got more of a plastic feel to it. I used some of it to make those shoes just before Christmas.
Anyway thats what I used for the  strap which I adhered across the album. I added two tabs for the strap to fit through. Those I used my glue gun because I thought they'd need to be fixed well because they'll get the brunt of wear with peole opening the album.  I drew some fake stitching along it and glued two buttons from my stash. There you have it!! I think I'll do my granny's little helper layout next. Its hubby's birthday so I expect I'll do some layouts for that too sometime next week.
I have an urge to get back to doing some mixed media painting too. I haven't done that for absolutely ages. so there's a lot of things I want to do .... just need the time to do it all... definitely no time for washing up thats for sure!!!

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