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27 Jan 2013

Fancy card wrap

Just a simple task to do today. because of all the snow we haven't been able give my mother in law's card and gift to her. She wanted a gift voucher for a her favourite store so that's what I bought. The snow has given me a bit more time to do something with the voucher.

I cut this file , from the Silhouette store, with my trusted Cameo. I simply turned the corners into the centre to form an envelope. I placed the gift voucher inside  and closed wit with a pink band decorated with a Marianne butterfly die and an embellishment.
Its hubby's  big birthday today so I expect I'll be busy through out the day. Should be fun though!!



  1. That is the most amazing gorgeous colour!

    Hope hubby had a wonderful day :)

  2. Thanks Bubbles, Yes he had a lovely day with the family , especially with the grandkids. xx


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