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21 Jan 2013

Decorating tags and pages.

I've had a few reports to write tonight so my mind hasn't been fully on my crafting project. I have decorated some tags and a few pages as well. 
The pictures show a sample of how I have decorated the tags and pages. 
I just found some free downloadable  tags and shapes, printed them off and cut them out. I'm sorry I can't remember what sites I got them from but I'll post them tomorrow when I can get to my other computer where they are logged. I have use some Tim Holtz tickets too. Some of the tags I'm going to leave quite plain to coordinate with the more busy papers I've used.
I contacted Kathy Orta about the problem I was having with the cover and  she very kindly got back to me to say the pages are suppose to overlap so I must have done something wrong if mine were not laying properly. I'm happy to have enlarged the pback piece so the pages lay side by side. They look better on my album.... well thats my excuse and I'm sticking to it!!!
Now I'm going off to bed. I have to leave for work earlier than usual to allow for the icy country roads so I best get to bed a bit earlier too. Hmmm... a nice cup of hot chocolate should get me off to sleep quite nicely   zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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