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31 Jan 2013

Construction done.

Hello Crafters and friends. My Kathy Orta POSH Organiser is coming along  steadily. I think I've finished the construction side of it. I have to say, it wasn't easy for me to do,  as  some of the measurements in the instructions didn't quite fit in some places. If I was to do this album again I would change some of the measurements.

As you can see I've made the cover. Its looking pretty plain at the moment but I'll be adding some embellishments later. The measurements, in the instructions, were a little small so the inside of the cover  isn't as neat as I'd like.
I loved making the elastic loops for the pen and the wrap around for the cover. I'm pleased with those.
The  joining of the pages was interesting and it took me a while to figure out how best to fold then so they'd lay properly but I got there in the end. I liked the concept of diagonal pockets to pop in your notes for each month...... Note to self, Don't forget to print off the notes section of the tutorial....

 I've matted a lot of the pages and pockets  on the one half of the album but I've still got to do the rest. On te left hand side of the cover You have to make a couple of overlapping pockets that close to form a mini wallet inside the main one. I've stuck some magnets on with my glue gun and I'll mat that section tomorrow.
What would I do differently next time???
I wouldn't use such a thick cardboard when making the pocket  that holds the pages in place and I wouldn't do what was recommended and use my glue gun to fix that page in certain places. It just didn't work for me and I might have to redo that part because the glue didn't stick well and just formed hard lumps that look a bit unsightly under the edge of the pocket.
I wouldn't use so much double sided tape and use glue in some places, but thats a personal preference.
I would also check the measurements and compare them to the page sizes before I cut and tick them.
I hope to finish the matting tomorrow ..................................

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