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19 Jan 2013

Almost done!!

How are you enjoying the snow???  I love snow when its fresh and crispy but  not when I have to work to shovel it all off my drive. I spent  a couple of hours  clearing my drive  so I can get out this afternoon.

After all that energy I decided to have a break and come up and continue with my album. Coming back to it I noticed that if I put the pages on either side of the back cover they would ovrlap a great deal and the album would not close properly. If the pages are 5 inches acorss they would need at least a 10inch space to sit  correctly, so I decided to alter the back and put in a wider piece of card. I widened it to 10 1/4 inches instead of the 7 3/4in Kathy suggested on her video.

Once I'd extended the back I covered it with  papaer from the same collection ( Dessert Bloom), adhered the hinges and lined the inside. Next I inserted the pages by gluing the hinges and inserting the open end of each section and holding them while the glue dried. I'm so glad I remade the back piece. As you can see the pages lie nice and flat and the extra 1/4 inch alllows for the tags to extrude from their pockets.

I've left it all to dry for now so my next job will be to decorate the pages and add embellishments to finish off the album.
 I'm off to look for some embellisments and ideas to cover my tags.......


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