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13 Jan 2013

9 down, 3 to go.

Wow! my album is moving on much quicker that I expected. Tonight I worked on, and nearly finished another three sections. These sections are a mirror of the others so they'll fix the the other side ofvthe gatefold album. ons
Once the pages are finished it'll be time to work on the hunges. best i go back to Kathy Orta's tutorials to watch how to do those.
I've left adding elements to the pages until I can find some good tags and things to finish them off. I broke my scallop edge punch so I'll need to go and buy a new one so I can decorate the edges of some of the cards etc.

I haven't added a photo because they are so similar to the others I thought you might get bored of seeing them!
I doubt I'll work on the other pages tomorrow. I have to work late.


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