"Even without success, creative persons find joy in a job well done. Learning for its own sake is rewarding."

12 Jan 2013

3x2 done!

Its been a really good day crafting today. I spent the day at my local crop and  did the class on how to make a photo wallet. The wallet  seemed to be popular with the crafters that did it.
After that I got on with matting and layering the pages of the other pages of the December Daily 2 album. These are a few that I finished today. In my drawers I found an 8 x 8 pad of the Dessert Bloom papers that I'd forgotten I had. That means, with what's left of the 12 x 12 pad, I should now have enough paper to complete the pages. Now that I know how to make the pages fairly quickly it's not so daunting to do. I've already  made 6 sections and that includes the tags as well. I haven't fully decorated them yet because I need to get some more decorative  elements. Now that is a good excuse to go shopping!!
Looking at the 6 sections  and with another 6 sections to go I realised this is the biggest album I've attempted so far. Seems I'm still pushing my crafting boundaries!!
Note to self:-  I must remember to make my mother in law's birthday card this week!!


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