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16 Jan 2013

12 out of 12!!

 Phew!! Finally, I've made all twelve sections of Kathy Orta's Decemebr Daily 2 album.The pile on the right are mirrored to the left  so that they will fix into the hinge on the right side of the gatefold cover so that they'll open  the correct way. If I'd done all the pages opening  the same direction I won't be able to fit them into the cover properly.
I did the  new sections in the same way as the others  and using the same paper. I'm glad to finish the pages because I was beginning to run out of some patterns from the collection. As you can see from the tabs I varied some of the design slightly

The left side pile is  thinner than the right because I I haven't shaped and decorated many of the  pages and tags yet.  I want to fix the sections to the  hinges  first. That way if I make any mistakes I can cover them up with some elements!!

Next. I need to watch the  tutorial on how to make the hidden hinge.
I've cut out the tamplates for my Mother in law's birthday card  and I'm going to assemble and embellish it tomorrow, at my Crafty Friends group. I'll need to make a box for it. That should be fun, I rarely get the box and the lid to fit each other.... guess I'll have to ask my friends to help me there!!
Now I'm off to watch Kathy Ort's tutorial on how to make that hinge and cover!!

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