"Even without success, creative persons find joy in a job well done. Learning for its own sake is rewarding."

31 Jan 2013

Construction done.

Hello Crafters and friends. My Kathy Orta POSH Organiser is coming along  steadily. I think I've finished the construction side of it. I have to say, it wasn't easy for me to do,  as  some of the measurements in the instructions didn't quite fit in some places. If I was to do this album again I would change some of the measurements.

As you can see I've made the cover. Its looking pretty plain at the moment but I'll be adding some embellishments later. The measurements, in the instructions, were a little small so the inside of the cover  isn't as neat as I'd like.
I loved making the elastic loops for the pen and the wrap around for the cover. I'm pleased with those.
The  joining of the pages was interesting and it took me a while to figure out how best to fold then so they'd lay properly but I got there in the end. I liked the concept of diagonal pockets to pop in your notes for each month...... Note to self, Don't forget to print off the notes section of the tutorial....

 I've matted a lot of the pages and pockets  on the one half of the album but I've still got to do the rest. On te left hand side of the cover You have to make a couple of overlapping pockets that close to form a mini wallet inside the main one. I've stuck some magnets on with my glue gun and I'll mat that section tomorrow.
What would I do differently next time???
I wouldn't use such a thick cardboard when making the pocket  that holds the pages in place and I wouldn't do what was recommended and use my glue gun to fix that page in certain places. It just didn't work for me and I might have to redo that part because the glue didn't stick well and just formed hard lumps that look a bit unsightly under the edge of the pocket.
I wouldn't use so much double sided tape and use glue in some places, but thats a personal preference.
I would also check the measurements and compare them to the page sizes before I cut and tick them.
I hope to finish the matting tomorrow ..................................

30 Jan 2013

Mount board

I only did a small amount  on my album tonight. First I had to go out to buy some mount board. I use that instead of chipboard to make covers to albums. It's thick but cheaper than chipboard.  My local shop was closed so I had to go further afield to the bigger store in the next town. It was worth the journey because I bought an A1 sized piece of board for the same price I would have paid for a much smaller piece in my local shop.
By the time I got home and made dinner for the family it was getting late. I cut the board to the size needed and started following the instructions to make the cover. I  adhered the  board to the patterned paper but came to a grinding halt... I needed some elastic but I couldn't find my sewing box. I hunted high and low for it but goodness knows where it's disappeared .... So frustrating!

I packed away my stuff and will,start again tomorrow.... After I've been to the shop to buy some more elastic......  Sorry no photo today there wasn't much to photograph .

29 Jan 2013


This post is another first for me because i'm writing it via an ipad. You'll have to excuse any mistakes I make..... There's bound to be few LOL.
Tonight I started to adhere the pages together. I have to say I didn't find it as easy as it looked on the instructions! The paged stuck together fine but I struggled to see how the whole thing folded up. I'll just put it down to me having a dippy day!
I used double sided tape to adhere the pages together which was fine but I don't know how I managed to cover two craft mats with glue at the same time! I had to stop crafting and get the old Stick Away and clean my mats. Geeezh I haven't seen so much glue on a mat before. It took ages to scrape and clean it off!! Never mind I have two nice clean mats to work on tomorrow. LOL

27 Jan 2013

New Project

Its been a busy but lovely day with it being my hubby's big 6-0 birthday. The family went out to lunch then back home for a birthday party with the grandchildren. My card was a success ...Phew!
This evening I started a new Kathy Orta project. This time its going to be the POSH mini organiser. I bought the tutorial from her website. The paper I'm using is  PaperArtsy collection

I made the 6 pages which consisted of a pocket and 2 other sections.I added the calendars to one section on each page. Next I started to cut out some of the mats. I've laid them out on the pages for you to see but only the calendar page has been stuck down. The rest are just cut ready to work on tomorrow. I've got a few more mats to cover on the back as well.  I'm tired and I don't want tomake any mistakes adhering the mats to the pages so I'll leave them until I'm fresh... well as fresh as I can be after work.

Yes I did say I was going to do a 12 x 12 layout  but that is one for another day. I just fancied doing this one. I used to be indecisive but I'm not so sure now...LOL

Fancy card wrap

Just a simple task to do today. because of all the snow we haven't been able give my mother in law's card and gift to her. She wanted a gift voucher for a her favourite store so that's what I bought. The snow has given me a bit more time to do something with the voucher.

I cut this file , from the Silhouette store, with my trusted Cameo. I simply turned the corners into the centre to form an envelope. I placed the gift voucher inside  and closed wit with a pink band decorated with a Marianne butterfly die and an embellishment.
Its hubby's  big birthday today so I expect I'll be busy through out the day. Should be fun though!!


24 Jan 2013

Finished Album!

Here is my finished album!

I went to the Crafty friends group this afternoon and finished adding some mats and layers to some of the pockets and tags  some of which you ccan see in the photos. This evening I added the closure which is a simple 1 1/2 inch band of skin effect .... errr I don't know what to call it. I bought it as 12 x 12 paper but when it came its  got more of a plastic feel to it. I used some of it to make those shoes just before Christmas.
Anyway thats what I used for the  strap which I adhered across the album. I added two tabs for the strap to fit through. Those I used my glue gun because I thought they'd need to be fixed well because they'll get the brunt of wear with peole opening the album.  I drew some fake stitching along it and glued two buttons from my stash. There you have it!! I think I'll do my granny's little helper layout next. Its hubby's birthday so I expect I'll do some layouts for that too sometime next week.
I have an urge to get back to doing some mixed media painting too. I haven't done that for absolutely ages. so there's a lot of things I want to do .... just need the time to do it all... definitely no time for washing up thats for sure!!!

22 Jan 2013

gatefold 60th card (dog cutting file)

Its hubby's best friends 60th Birthday next week an he asked me to make a card for him.
Hhhhmm..... there seems to be a lot of big birthdays coming up this year... not mine ... yet!!!
So what did I do? first I used a gatefold card cutting file I downloaded from Monica's Creative Room. She has lots of gatefold cards you can download for free so its well worth a visit to her site.
I embossed the inside with a brick effect folder  Sizzix I think) and rubbed some grey distress ink lightly over the raise bits to give a wron wall effect. Next i usd a wood effect embossing folder to give a wood effect to the front "fence". 

This was rubbed with brown Distress ink. I cut some "grass" from a Silhouette file from my library and adhered those to the base of the fence. Next I used the Cameo to cut out the welded lettering using "Black Castle" font.
I rubbed the lettering with Versamark and heat embossed them with Holographic embossing powder and added them to the back of the card.
Because hubby's friend has a dog I created a one like his  and cut it out. I cut a separate ear and added that to the dogs head with  a foam pad. I covered the dog with little strokes of black accent and left that dry. I made his eye by dropping some black accent onto a drop of white accent.
A thin strip of scrap paper made the collar.
You can download the labrador dog file HERE

I also changed the topper for hubby's card. If you read previous posts you'll know I was trying  2 different topper designs. Well this is the one I finally decided to go with. Its worked out well because he's decided he wants a new guitar for his birthday so this card is perfect for him!

21 Jan 2013

Decorating tags and pages.

I've had a few reports to write tonight so my mind hasn't been fully on my crafting project. I have decorated some tags and a few pages as well. 
The pictures show a sample of how I have decorated the tags and pages. 
I just found some free downloadable  tags and shapes, printed them off and cut them out. I'm sorry I can't remember what sites I got them from but I'll post them tomorrow when I can get to my other computer where they are logged. I have use some Tim Holtz tickets too. Some of the tags I'm going to leave quite plain to coordinate with the more busy papers I've used.
I contacted Kathy Orta about the problem I was having with the cover and  she very kindly got back to me to say the pages are suppose to overlap so I must have done something wrong if mine were not laying properly. I'm happy to have enlarged the pback piece so the pages lay side by side. They look better on my album.... well thats my excuse and I'm sticking to it!!!
Now I'm going off to bed. I have to leave for work earlier than usual to allow for the icy country roads so I best get to bed a bit earlier too. Hmmm... a nice cup of hot chocolate should get me off to sleep quite nicely   zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

19 Jan 2013

Almost done!!

How are you enjoying the snow???  I love snow when its fresh and crispy but  not when I have to work to shovel it all off my drive. I spent  a couple of hours  clearing my drive  so I can get out this afternoon.

After all that energy I decided to have a break and come up and continue with my album. Coming back to it I noticed that if I put the pages on either side of the back cover they would ovrlap a great deal and the album would not close properly. If the pages are 5 inches acorss they would need at least a 10inch space to sit  correctly, so I decided to alter the back and put in a wider piece of card. I widened it to 10 1/4 inches instead of the 7 3/4in Kathy suggested on her video.

Once I'd extended the back I covered it with  papaer from the same collection ( Dessert Bloom), adhered the hinges and lined the inside. Next I inserted the pages by gluing the hinges and inserting the open end of each section and holding them while the glue dried. I'm so glad I remade the back piece. As you can see the pages lie nice and flat and the extra 1/4 inch alllows for the tags to extrude from their pockets.

I've left it all to dry for now so my next job will be to decorate the pages and add embellishments to finish off the album.
 I'm off to look for some embellisments and ideas to cover my tags.......


18 Jan 2013

Starting the Cover

Tonight I've made a start on the cover. I don't have any shipboard so I just used some very thick cardstock which should work just as well.
I think I need to stock up on a few things like chipboard as I seem to have run out. That Tyvek looks  good too so I might order some of that too. Its not easy to go shopping at the moment as we've had  lots of snow and my car can't get up my driveway until I dig it out.
 Anyway back to the task.... I again followed Kathy Orta's video on Making the cover and cut 5 pieces of card and  I fixed them with 1/4 inch spaces  and again used duck tape to strenghten the folds. I've got to choose some paper next to cover the card stck. That's a task for tomorrow......

17 Jan 2013

Hidden Hinge

I've watched Kathy Orta's video on how to make the hidden hinge and it was a lot easier to make than I expected.
 I used the same pearlised card I'd been using to make the pages. Doh!! thinking about it later I should have just used plain cardstock and saved the pearlised stuff for another project. Nobody is going to see the hinges once the album is finished. Ah Well! the deed has been done now

 I scored and pleated two of the hinges. I don;t have any of the Tyvek Kathy was talking about so instead I reinforced the back by adhering a strips of clear duck tape across the back. The tape has thread woven through it as you can see in the picture so it should be  a good way to strengthen it.


16 Jan 2013

12 out of 12!!

 Phew!! Finally, I've made all twelve sections of Kathy Orta's Decemebr Daily 2 album.The pile on the right are mirrored to the left  so that they will fix into the hinge on the right side of the gatefold cover so that they'll open  the correct way. If I'd done all the pages opening  the same direction I won't be able to fit them into the cover properly.
I did the  new sections in the same way as the others  and using the same paper. I'm glad to finish the pages because I was beginning to run out of some patterns from the collection. As you can see from the tabs I varied some of the design slightly

The left side pile is  thinner than the right because I I haven't shaped and decorated many of the  pages and tags yet.  I want to fix the sections to the  hinges  first. That way if I make any mistakes I can cover them up with some elements!!

Next. I need to watch the  tutorial on how to make the hidden hinge.
I've cut out the tamplates for my Mother in law's birthday card  and I'm going to assemble and embellish it tomorrow, at my Crafty Friends group. I'll need to make a box for it. That should be fun, I rarely get the box and the lid to fit each other.... guess I'll have to ask my friends to help me there!!
Now I'm off to watch Kathy Ort's tutorial on how to make that hinge and cover!!

13 Jan 2013

9 down, 3 to go.

Wow! my album is moving on much quicker that I expected. Tonight I worked on, and nearly finished another three sections. These sections are a mirror of the others so they'll fix the the other side ofvthe gatefold album. ons
Once the pages are finished it'll be time to work on the hunges. best i go back to Kathy Orta's tutorials to watch how to do those.
I've left adding elements to the pages until I can find some good tags and things to finish them off. I broke my scallop edge punch so I'll need to go and buy a new one so I can decorate the edges of some of the cards etc.

I haven't added a photo because they are so similar to the others I thought you might get bored of seeing them!
I doubt I'll work on the other pages tomorrow. I have to work late.


12 Jan 2013

3x2 done!

Its been a really good day crafting today. I spent the day at my local crop and  did the class on how to make a photo wallet. The wallet  seemed to be popular with the crafters that did it.
After that I got on with matting and layering the pages of the other pages of the December Daily 2 album. These are a few that I finished today. In my drawers I found an 8 x 8 pad of the Dessert Bloom papers that I'd forgotten I had. That means, with what's left of the 12 x 12 pad, I should now have enough paper to complete the pages. Now that I know how to make the pages fairly quickly it's not so daunting to do. I've already  made 6 sections and that includes the tags as well. I haven't fully decorated them yet because I need to get some more decorative  elements. Now that is a good excuse to go shopping!!
Looking at the 6 sections  and with another 6 sections to go I realised this is the biggest album I've attempted so far. Seems I'm still pushing my crafting boundaries!!
Note to self:-  I must remember to make my mother in law's birthday card this week!!


11 Jan 2013

Sections 1-3 again!

Now that I know what I'm doing .... hahaha !!! .... hhhmmmm sort of...... I prepared three more sections of the December Daily 2 album. It didn;t take me so long to do these so its encouranged me to have a go at making the  12 sections.

I'm going to my local Chepstow Crafters crop tomorrow and after I do the mini class for the photo wallet I want to complete these pages. By complete I mean adding pockets and matting the envelopes. That'll be the first 6 sections done!

I'll add elements and decoration when the pages are done.
I need to give some thought about  decoative tags and the like.
Any one know of a good source for  decorative tags???


8 Jan 2013

Section 3

Kathy Orta's December Daily 2 section 3 has been done tonight. I hvaven't done all the tags yet. I was getting tired so I decided to stop before I make any bloopers LOL.
The tutorial says to make twelve of the sections which is a lot. I definitely don't have enough of the same collection to do that  butr I can use up another collection  but I'm not sure I want to make such a big album.  I might just make a thinner version of it and make 6 or 8 sections. I'm really undecided at the moment. It could be that I'm too tired. I'll see how I feel tomorrow!


7 Jan 2013

section 2

Tonight it was all about constructing section two of the December Daily 2 mini album. As before I followed Kathy Orta's instructions on Youtube. Well, I say "followed"  loosely because, I don't know what I was doing but, one of my pags ended up back to front!!.  Still it wasn't a disaster, once it was all stuck down nobody would notice..... I hope!!
I've added a few tags, you can see them sticking out of the side of the album and the flap in the centre page is a pull out tag. I will need to go back to the first page and mat a few backs of pages I've missed but that won't take me long.
It doesn't look much but tonight's section took me 3 1/2 hours to do. At this rate I'll get it finished in time for next Christmas!!
That's all for now folks!!!

6 Jan 2013

New Album

I've had a busy time crafting this afternoon. I tweaked the 60th birthday topper , cut and distressed it. I haven't put it on a card yet. I just placed it on some black card to make it easier to see. Oh! decisions decisions.. which one should I use? This one  where the shape of the guitar is not so obvious but hubby's name is clearer or the other one where the guitar shape was  more obvious but his name isn't so clear? ... I used to be indecisive but now I'm not so sure!!
AS well as doing this I started making an album. Its a Kathy Orta design and I did the first page as instructed on her utube tutorial for her December Daily 2 album.
Kathy used a card and envelope set to base her album.
The last album I made  ripped because the envelopes were a bit flimsy so this time I ordered some good quality envelopes and used pearlised card cut to the right size. They seem to  be  fairly sturdy so far.

I've made the first "page" which consisted of two envelops and cards that make up two actual pages. Once I'd adhered the envelopes and cut the card to make pages and pockets and tags, I matted them with my own paper. As usual I haven't used the same resources as she has because I just want to use up some of my stash.
I have a lot of single sided scrapbook paper that needs using up. I'm using up the Dessert Bloom collection. It's got a lot of glittery paper in the collection which I'm not that keen on but it needs to be used up. 
My stash doesn't seem to be going down at all at the moment even though I seem to use a lot of it! I've got to make quite a few pages so I'm sure I'll eat into my stash .... eventually!!
I think this project will have to be done in between other ones I need to do. My mother in law's birthday is this month ( before hubby's) so I'll have to get started on her card pretty soon.

Sigh's....... its back to work tomorrow with a busy period coming up with more reports and new plans to write :-(