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2 Dec 2012


It was a case of wishing I hadn't started what ,I thought, would be an easy task this afternoon!  I wanted to try a technique of glittering the inside of the baubles but The ones I saw were not god quality so I bought these shaped red ones instead......that should have warned me things weren't going to go well!!

I decided to use some vinyl and decorate  some baubles to celebrate my two new grandson's 1st Christmas. One grandson has an unusual spelling for his name so I knew I wasn't likely to find one ready made. All Ihad to do was cut out the lettering and a pattern and adhere them to the bauble.  My first attempt resulted in the  blade not cutting through the vinyl, next it got all tangled up inside the blade housing and again not cut properly. Change of blade and try again. cut great this time but the letters were to thin and distorted as I tried to fix them to the transfer tape. Back to the drawing board and changed the font to a thicker style. That worked great but now it wouldn't adhere to the transfer tape, and so it went on arrrgggghhhh!!!!!!
Not one to give up despite the frustrations I finally achieved what I wanted. The snow flakes are from the studio software library...... just don't ask me how much vinyl I wasted just to get these few letters onto 4 baubles!!!!!

 After all that effort that I needed some light relief, I'd seen a lovely cutting file in the Studio online shop and I bought and made it. It's Santa being pulled by 7 reindeer. You cut two pieces and join them together to create a long card.

I coated the reindeer horns with Versamark and covered them in glitter snowflake embossing powder and heated to set them. Being honest that was a slight mistake I thought I was using my holographic embossing powder but I like it  powder. I used the same powder for Santa's beard and red embossing powder  for his hat. I ran a thin line of silver Stickles glitter glue along the edge under the reindeer feet to give a magical effect.
I couldn't find my darning needle so I've left threading some metallic  coloured thread through the holes in the reins.

I think I'll make a white one next to see how that looks!


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