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18 Dec 2012

Gingerbread house.

I had a lovely time at my local crop on Saturday. One of the group very kindly designed and gave a class on making  a gingerbread house box.
I had great fun covering myself in glue and glitter. Sarah made a great job of making the template for us to use.This was all done by hand and cutting was with a scissors.

I adherd the sides and roof allowing for an opening in it to be able to oepn the box. I cut lots of scalloped strips using my Xcut punch using alternate green and red paper. I then covered the roof with the strips.I added some window and door frames and a few elements.

I have  spent the last two evenings trying to create my own template so I could easily cut out a template using my Cameo. I tried to scan i Sarah's template but it didn't trace very well so I decided to create my own. Sarah knows I'm doing this and doesn't mind me doing so.
Ever wish you hadn't started something? Well that was me last night! I created the base house pretty quickly in Studio but it all went to pieces when I tried to cut a prototype.
 I tried to cut the template and half way through the cut the computer said  the machine wasn't connected and it would stop cutting but the blade cut a huge line right across the paper as it returned to the start position. I switched the machine off and tried again etc . this happened three times. It eventually stopped doing that and I managed to cut the house but had forgotten to add windows and window frames to the design. Soo..... that was what I did next. OOHHHHH  this is looking great ........ I tried to cut the house with doors and windows this time. Off the blade goes......... clickety-clack, clickety-clack goes the blade... ... great ....... then it stops and I look at the card and the centre pieces and lines have cut but not the outer lines. I check the design and the mats are the right size, the cutting lines all show correct but nope it won't cut the  outer lines at all. As before I tried several times and nothing cut correctly.

GGGGRRRRRRR by now I'm beginning to lose the will to live!!!! I  eventually sorted out the problem by bringing the outer lines to the front and sent the rest to the back from the options menu.

Next it was time to do the roof. I, initially, created it as a one piece roof  and it cut fine but was a bit  too big but I thought I'll adjust that later. I cut out the icicles by hand just to see how they looked. I was too tired to try to design them on the machine. I stopped working on it at that point. My first prototype is in the picture..... its not the finished item  though. When things go wrong  its best to leave it so I went to bed. I just couldn't write a blog  last night I wasn't in a good mood by the time I'd finished my first  prototype. LOL

Anyway, things can only get better ....... tonight I've spent using the  Studio program to make  a few alterations and adjustments to the roof. It looked better in the smaller size but I wasn't sure how to attach it to the house and get it to open and close easily without warping the shape. In the end I decide to go with the same design that Sarah had made. I altered it to being in two parts and opening at the top of the roof.  I cut out a prototype roof again. It  does fit a lot better this time. I went back to the design and created some icicles on the side of the roof and removed a few perforations and will score instead to make the folds/ tags a bit stronger where the roof opens. It's surprising how long it's taken me to do just those few alterations. I haven't cut it out yet. I've decide to take my time and check it tomorrow when I'm not so tired.
Watch this space  for a free gingerbread cottage box cutting file  in the near future....... hopefully!!!!


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