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20 Dec 2012

Gingerbread house box 2 cutting file

I've played around with my Studio software and tweeked my gingerbread box cutting file and I think I've finished it! I made two gingerbread boxes from the file this afternoon and they seem to work quite nicely. The picture on the left shows the front and back view of the box.
How did I make it?
The base.
1 Cut the house base from brown cardstock.
2. Cut the roof and windows from white cardstock. 3. Adhere the windows and doorframe BEFORE you stick the sides of the base. Its much easier to do while the box is flat.
4. Glue the sides of the house together to form the box.
 The roof
5. Score lines where the blue lines show on the cutting file. ... at the base of the roof  then fold ( valley fold. next fold  along dotted line ( mountain fold). The last section will adhere to the inside of the wall to fix the roof to the base. The other folds form the over hang of the roof so make sure they are folded with crisp scorelines.
6. Line the two rooves up and measure where the smaller tag meets the wider one at the top of the roof..
7. Cut a slit at the base of the wider tag so the smaller piece fits into it. This forms the closure at the top of the roof.
8. Cut the tile strips in alternate colours and adhere them to the roof.
9. Fold along the dotted line at the sides of the roof to form the icicles.
10. Adhere the roof to the house by gluing the bottom folded section to the inside of the wall.

Decorate the house as you wish. I've added a gingerbread man, soldier and a tree at the back. I also added glitter (silver and white) to the icicles and roof.
I hope this explains it all for you.
You can download the cutting file HERE.

I'm going to put some candy and chocolate inside all of my boxes and give them to the step grandchildren. I hope they'll like them!!

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