"Even without success, creative persons find joy in a job well done. Learning for its own sake is rewarding."

31 Dec 2012

Happy New Year!! Cutting file

I've still not had a chance to do any crafting so while I've been sitting at my computer on this New Years Eve I thought I'd give you a cutting file so I created this.
You can download this cutting file HERE.   I look forward to crafting for you in the New Year!!

27 Dec 2012


I hope you all had a lovely Christmas. I've had a lovely time with my new grandchildren. My mother in law arrived today so it was another lovely afternoon with all the family.
The shirt gift bags and shoes were a great hit at the dinner table. Phew LOL
My eldest brother is arriving tomorrow so I'm sure we'll have another great day.
As you can see I've had very little opportunity to do any crafting!
I did manage to give my craft room a bit of a tidy up but that's all I managed to do in there!
Did you have anything crafty for Christmas? I only asked for one item. I just had a Fiskars easy stamp press and some new cameo blades. I haven't had a chance to use the stamp press yet. Something to look forward to!
I'll be back crafting soon. It's my daughter's birthday on New Years Eve so I have to make a card soon"

20 Dec 2012

Gingerbread house box 2 cutting file

I've played around with my Studio software and tweeked my gingerbread box cutting file and I think I've finished it! I made two gingerbread boxes from the file this afternoon and they seem to work quite nicely. The picture on the left shows the front and back view of the box.
How did I make it?
The base.
1 Cut the house base from brown cardstock.
2. Cut the roof and windows from white cardstock. 3. Adhere the windows and doorframe BEFORE you stick the sides of the base. Its much easier to do while the box is flat.
4. Glue the sides of the house together to form the box.
 The roof
5. Score lines where the blue lines show on the cutting file. ... at the base of the roof  then fold ( valley fold. next fold  along dotted line ( mountain fold). The last section will adhere to the inside of the wall to fix the roof to the base. The other folds form the over hang of the roof so make sure they are folded with crisp scorelines.
6. Line the two rooves up and measure where the smaller tag meets the wider one at the top of the roof..
7. Cut a slit at the base of the wider tag so the smaller piece fits into it. This forms the closure at the top of the roof.
8. Cut the tile strips in alternate colours and adhere them to the roof.
9. Fold along the dotted line at the sides of the roof to form the icicles.
10. Adhere the roof to the house by gluing the bottom folded section to the inside of the wall.

Decorate the house as you wish. I've added a gingerbread man, soldier and a tree at the back. I also added glitter (silver and white) to the icicles and roof.
I hope this explains it all for you.
You can download the cutting file HERE.

I'm going to put some candy and chocolate inside all of my boxes and give them to the step grandchildren. I hope they'll like them!!

18 Dec 2012

Gingerbread house.

I had a lovely time at my local crop on Saturday. One of the group very kindly designed and gave a class on making  a gingerbread house box.
I had great fun covering myself in glue and glitter. Sarah made a great job of making the template for us to use.This was all done by hand and cutting was with a scissors.

I adherd the sides and roof allowing for an opening in it to be able to oepn the box. I cut lots of scalloped strips using my Xcut punch using alternate green and red paper. I then covered the roof with the strips.I added some window and door frames and a few elements.

I have  spent the last two evenings trying to create my own template so I could easily cut out a template using my Cameo. I tried to scan i Sarah's template but it didn't trace very well so I decided to create my own. Sarah knows I'm doing this and doesn't mind me doing so.
Ever wish you hadn't started something? Well that was me last night! I created the base house pretty quickly in Studio but it all went to pieces when I tried to cut a prototype.
 I tried to cut the template and half way through the cut the computer said  the machine wasn't connected and it would stop cutting but the blade cut a huge line right across the paper as it returned to the start position. I switched the machine off and tried again etc . this happened three times. It eventually stopped doing that and I managed to cut the house but had forgotten to add windows and window frames to the design. Soo..... that was what I did next. OOHHHHH  this is looking great ........ I tried to cut the house with doors and windows this time. Off the blade goes......... clickety-clack, clickety-clack goes the blade... ... great ....... then it stops and I look at the card and the centre pieces and lines have cut but not the outer lines. I check the design and the mats are the right size, the cutting lines all show correct but nope it won't cut the  outer lines at all. As before I tried several times and nothing cut correctly.

GGGGRRRRRRR by now I'm beginning to lose the will to live!!!! I  eventually sorted out the problem by bringing the outer lines to the front and sent the rest to the back from the options menu.

Next it was time to do the roof. I, initially, created it as a one piece roof  and it cut fine but was a bit  too big but I thought I'll adjust that later. I cut out the icicles by hand just to see how they looked. I was too tired to try to design them on the machine. I stopped working on it at that point. My first prototype is in the picture..... its not the finished item  though. When things go wrong  its best to leave it so I went to bed. I just couldn't write a blog  last night I wasn't in a good mood by the time I'd finished my first  prototype. LOL

Anyway, things can only get better ....... tonight I've spent using the  Studio program to make  a few alterations and adjustments to the roof. It looked better in the smaller size but I wasn't sure how to attach it to the house and get it to open and close easily without warping the shape. In the end I decide to go with the same design that Sarah had made. I altered it to being in two parts and opening at the top of the roof.  I cut out a prototype roof again. It  does fit a lot better this time. I went back to the design and created some icicles on the side of the roof and removed a few perforations and will score instead to make the folds/ tags a bit stronger where the roof opens. It's surprising how long it's taken me to do just those few alterations. I haven't cut it out yet. I've decide to take my time and check it tomorrow when I'm not so tired.
Watch this space  for a free gingerbread cottage box cutting file  in the near future....... hopefully!!!!


13 Dec 2012

Snowman cutting file

Well I finally got the tags finished. his is the first time I'veever followed a project for a whole year and completed it!
 If you've been following Tim Holtz's project you'll notice my tag is slightly different. The wording is at the top of the tag instead of the bottom. That's because I didn't  take a second look at his tag before I started mine. I put the snowman in the centre of the tag and decided my tag was too big and trimmed it off.... errrr ... ummmm ... too much at the bottom (blooper!!!) .....so I had no choice to swap things around a bit.

I cut out the second snowman and coloured him in using the distress pens. I distressed the background with peacock blue distress ink and adhered him with foam pads. I cut out the snowflake from a silhouette file and  used the font to cut out the wording. I added some extra snowflake confetti to make it more interesting. They are a metallic blue in colour but the  silver mirri board wording and snowflakes don't show up as shiny in the photo.
I adhered it to black coordinate paper and rubbed off the top to show the underneath. I preferred the black because it makes more of a contrast to the front tag. The music 'tape' is some sheet music I printed off, cut into strips and distressed with stormy blue distress ink

I added two gems to the centre of the larger snowflake and the j in joy. I didn't have any thin tinsel so I used thin white ribbon instead.
I actually prefer it like this... well that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!!
The next project will be the gingerbread house box I'll be making in the class at the Chepstow Pink Scrapper crop on Saturday.
I made my own paper piecing snowman as a cutting file with a choice of noses. The snowman body  is meant to be slightly skewiff  by the way. It is deliberate and not a blooper by me lol. You can download it from HERE


11 Dec 2012

December Tag 1

Tonight I got on with the tag for December as part of the 12 tags of 2012  Tim Holtz project.

There are two tags for December but I only did one tonight. It took me longer than I anticipated. I don't know why, but I seemed to work very slowly tonight.

I coloured the tag with fired brick and gold distress inks.. I don't have the stains. Next I cut the words and the poinsettia dies. I coloured the petals with Burned Brick and peeled paint inks then adhered them together with Pinflair silicone gel. I Embossed the words with clear embossing powder and adhered them to the ticket. I distressed the edges with Distress tool and ink. I layered them all up and sprayed them with a touch of Glimmer mist to give it a bit of a shine. Finally I added some embellishments and adhered the tag to a blue textured card that had been edged with burlap distress ink.
Looking at the picture I think I need to trim the back card a bit more, there's too much showing. I can do that tomorrow.

How are you all getting on with your Christmas  preparations? I've just got two more presents to buy now.. thank goodness for online shopping is what I say.. especially after going to the shops yesterday evening..... my feet were killing me by the time I got home LOL.

10 Dec 2012

November Tag (acorn cutting file)

Tonight I finally got around to completing the November tag for 12 tags in 2012. As usual I didn't do it exactly  as Tim but I'm pleased with it. I run my tag through a wood effect embossing folder and rubbed some frayed burlap over the card to get the wood effect. I cut out the wheat from white card and adhered it to the card. Next I cut out some tattered leaves from scraps I had in my scrap paper box. I created the acorn in my silhouette software and cut out. I edged them with orange ( Marigold) and Frayed Burlap distress inks. I used my distress pens to edge the acorn and define the lines between the shapes. I didn't like the plain white of the wheat so I lined them with a distress pen think it was antique paper colour. I adhered the acorn with foam pads to give the tag some dimension. I found some wooden leaves I'd bought from the Range store a while ago. I added them because I felt they tied in with the wheat. I cut out the wording using my Cameo and adhered that to the tag to finish the tag off.

If you would like the acorn cutting file you can download it from HERE


9 Dec 2012


Getting my decorations up has taken priority the last few days and yes my cough is still with me. I'm waiting the result of a heat ex-ray.
Today I did decorate a few more baubles with my step grand children's names in the same way as the two for the grandson's first Christmas. I haven't taken a photo because they are the same as the other ones.
I also started writing some Christmas cards. I'm ashamed to say these were shop bought cards and not home made! ....hangs my head in shame lol. I'll send the few home made ones to my craft friends. I really must get on with a few more before Saturday when it's the Chepstow Pink scrappers Crop. We're going to have aGingerbread house box tutorial so I'm looking forward to that.
The problem I have is fitting in the present shopping and wrapping with some ore crafting...


5 Dec 2012


No crafting tonight. A worsening cough has worn me out. I'm feeling very sorry for myself so I'm going to feel better by taking a bar of chocolate to bed !!!
Back soon

3 Dec 2012

reindeer and more reindeer!

 A good friend passed away this afternoon following a short illness. I 'm sure you understand I haven't felt very creative tonight.

I did do some crafting but just made another Santa and reindeer card, this time in white. I kept it all white except the reindeer 'saddles' which I coloured alternate red and green and wrote their initials in white gel pens.
  I theaded some gold thread through the reins. I coloured Santa's hat  and  left it at that.

I also made another red card but this time I coated the  base of the card and the horns in Versamark. I embossed the base with holographic clear powder and the horns in gold. I haven't taken a photo of that because I coated santa's hat in perfect pearls and glossy accents.

Do you know all Santa's reindeer names???

I also looked up a cutting file I used last year.
 I think I downloaded it from UKscrappers but I couldn't find the designer nor the card there tonight. If you know who designed it lease let me know so I can acknowledge them.
This is a lovely card. I used white cardstock fro my stash.. nothing special. I placed gold card behind the lattice and added red glitter hanging from the reindeer horns.

My card collection is slowly rising but I really do need to do some more.

I've fallen behind with the 12 tags for 2012 too. I haven't done the November nor December ones yet........


2 Dec 2012


It was a case of wishing I hadn't started what ,I thought, would be an easy task this afternoon!  I wanted to try a technique of glittering the inside of the baubles but The ones I saw were not god quality so I bought these shaped red ones instead......that should have warned me things weren't going to go well!!

I decided to use some vinyl and decorate  some baubles to celebrate my two new grandson's 1st Christmas. One grandson has an unusual spelling for his name so I knew I wasn't likely to find one ready made. All Ihad to do was cut out the lettering and a pattern and adhere them to the bauble.  My first attempt resulted in the  blade not cutting through the vinyl, next it got all tangled up inside the blade housing and again not cut properly. Change of blade and try again. cut great this time but the letters were to thin and distorted as I tried to fix them to the transfer tape. Back to the drawing board and changed the font to a thicker style. That worked great but now it wouldn't adhere to the transfer tape, and so it went on arrrgggghhhh!!!!!!
Not one to give up despite the frustrations I finally achieved what I wanted. The snow flakes are from the studio software library...... just don't ask me how much vinyl I wasted just to get these few letters onto 4 baubles!!!!!

 After all that effort that I needed some light relief, I'd seen a lovely cutting file in the Studio online shop and I bought and made it. It's Santa being pulled by 7 reindeer. You cut two pieces and join them together to create a long card.

I coated the reindeer horns with Versamark and covered them in glitter snowflake embossing powder and heated to set them. Being honest that was a slight mistake I thought I was using my holographic embossing powder but I like it  powder. I used the same powder for Santa's beard and red embossing powder  for his hat. I ran a thin line of silver Stickles glitter glue along the edge under the reindeer feet to give a magical effect.
I couldn't find my darning needle so I've left threading some metallic  coloured thread through the holes in the reins.

I think I'll make a white one next to see how that looks!


Gingerbread card( cutting files)

I've made two more cards a!! I've used a gingerbread card file I downloaded from the internet. Beanpole had kindly offered it free at Ukscrappers. You can find it HERE.The card on the right was made in a similar way to Beanpoles. I cut the card using pealised cardstock. I then matted a plain red paper to the inside of the card and added white accent 'snow'. I used some free stickers to decorate the top of the house. I made the reindeerin Studio and cut them out  of some paper from my stash.. The sentiment was  also from my stash. You're wondering how I adhered the reindeer with such delicate horns aren't you? Weeellll..... I used my Xyron and very slowly and carefully pressed them onto the card.That took very little time to complete.

The ginger bread card was a different matter. I cut one card from plain white card stock and another from Kraft Cardstock. I cut up the white cottage and used the pieces to create a snow covered roof and sills. I then used various papers including Graphic 45 Nutcracker  collection to cut out the gingerbread men, poles and roof. I used some from my stash for the rest. I adhered each piece to make it look like a gingervead house.I sed distress and gel pens to create the bricks on the chimney and other details. I found a tree topper in my stash ( most of  my Christmas stickers came free in magazines over the years).
This card took me an evening and a haldf to complete. I think a lot of time was spent choosing what paper went with each . That took me ages.

If you would like the reindeer cutting file you can down load it from HERE. Just be very careful removing the reindeer from your mat and when you stick it to your card because the haorns are very thin and delicate.

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? I started yesterday. Are you going to get anything carftuy for Christmas?? I'm not sure if I wnt anything at the moment but I'm sure I'll change my mind in the next 3 weeks!!!