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11 Nov 2012

More Shoes

Its been a quiet week as far as crafting is concerned. Work seemed to take over. I went to  my local Pink Scrappers crop yesterday but  wasn't able to join in the class because baby sitting duties  were called for. I did manage to complete two more shoes so they are all done and ready for Christmas. he colours are not showing up very well. The left hand shoe  looks brown but is a deep rich red with red and white lining. The right hand shoe is light blue with red and blue  accents.I will have to add some bling later.

Hopefully this week I will have a bit more time for crafting.... hmmm what to do next?  I guess I ought to start something for the men. perhaps a little gift bag in the shape of a dinner jacket?



  1. Your shoes are just so adorable!! I think it would be neat to fashion a cowboy boot in 3D.

    I like the idea of a dinner jacket bag...or even the vest of a 3 piece suit would look nice and it would save time figuring out sleeves for the jacket. A small boutonairre (sp?) pinned to the upper part would look interesting.

    Whatever you decide to create will be adorable, I know because you are so talented!

  2. aww thanks Jann that's very kind of you to say that.


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