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15 Nov 2012

Gift bags (cutting file)

 Woohooo I've got the gift bags finished! I decided to try to make them look like dinner jackets with shirts underneath, but once I did try a black bag  with the shirt part adhered to the card but the top didn't look right to me. So I  went backto the drawing board. I've seen lots of bags online with simple flaps folded over and that made me think something could be done with the flap to make it look like the collar  whnen it is folded over the black jacket and a V shaped white piece to look like the shirt. I  tried a prototype using white card and loved the shape of the bag in white. The bow tie could act as the clasp to keep the bag closed. So that is what I made using my Cameo and Studio Software.
I cut out the bag and assembled it from plain white cardstock. Next I cut and made the bow tie and cummer band from mirri card. I run the band through a crimper to give a pleated effect.
I  fixed the tie to the card with a foam pad. I added some gems for some bling. I drew a line down the centre to form the front of the shirt and stitches around the collar. I added some black buttons with some black accent from Ranger.

If you would like to make the bag you can download the cutting file from HERE. This is my first attempt at creating a bag from scratch in Studio so you might need to tweak it here and there for it to fit together perfectly. I had to trim the base flaps by hand a little bit. I've changd it on the cutting file so it should be ok now. 



  1. This is so cute! Thank you for sharing your file.

  2. these are soooo cute!! you did an awesome job! thanks so much for the free file!


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