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3 Nov 2012

Another shoe

I've decided to make shoes for all the ladies that will be coming to my house for Christmas dinner.  I will use the shoes as place cards and to hold a small gift that would normally go inside a christmas cracker.  Last year I made little gift bags and they were very popular with the family so this year its going to be shoes for the ladies and I don't know what to make for the men yet. If you have any ideas what I could  make for the men that would hold a very small gift let me know!! I have the gifts for the ladies but can't say what they are because I know one of them follows my blog.

I have found another shoe template that is slightly different but of course when I went looking for it I couldn't find itso I've used the same template as before

I made the shoe in exactly the same way as the previous one this time using green card and green ostrich skin type card from Payper. I chose green and pink paper from my stash for the shoe lining. I edged the shoe with pink gems. I found this  flower in my stash as well but I rememebr buying it from a bargain store that sold all sorts of things including a small selection of craft items.
I altered the flower but adding some more pink gems around the edge and in the centre. You've got to have a bit of bling at Christmas don't you? lol

The glue is still drying  and I haven't yet decided if I want to add anything to the heel. I think it looks OK as it is for now.



  1. Something for the gentlemen attending your Christmas festivities could be a tool box or briefcase type item. LOVE your decorated shoes!!

  2. Thanks, I like the tool box idea! I think I've got a template for that somewhere. now I need to find it LOL


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