"Even without success, creative persons find joy in a job well done. Learning for its own sake is rewarding."

29 Nov 2012

Christmas card toppers (Cutting file)

Hello fellow crafters and friends.
Diverticulitis has kept me from my crafting this past week but its good to get back to sticking and cutting again tonight.
I've not been very enthusiastic about making Christmas cards this season because it was a project I used to share with my mother. She was a keen, gifted crafter and in the last few years she found things difficult and card making was something we could do given her reduced limitations. It just doesn't feel the same now she's not here.

Well, I thought, I've got to pull myslef together because my crafty friends will be expecting some sort of home made card so I made a start tonight. These are what I made.

The centre card is very very  simple I just layered the card with some background papaer from my stash and adhered some thickers and a chipboard sentiment. I might add a border, some glitter or some snowflake  confetti once the glue has dried. Its the last card I made tonight. I started getting clumsy and kept dropping the cards so ... .. now's the time to stop!
The other two were made in a similar way to each other.
I made  a Christmas tree branch shape and cut masses of them out with my Cameo. It was a good exercise on learning how to use the nodes in Studio software!! Again I just used green  patterned paper from my stash. I cut out a triangle  and circle from plain cardstock and adhered the 'branches' in layers to form the tree and wreath.  I added red and gold stickles glitter glue to form berries and baubles.  I drew a door on the green card to form a door shape  then adhered the wreath and tree to each card. I added a snowflake embellishment to the tree as a star and a glitter chipboard snowflake to the centre of the wreath. I added a red bow and button to the bottom of the wreat and  a hanging string from bakers twine to the top.
The tree card was finished off with a felt green band on the bottom of the card and drawn gold lines around the edge. Both cards had a sentiment added to finish it off. ...... .Oh yes,  I rounded the corners of the tree card with my corner chomper.

This is the shape of the branch. If you would like the cutting file for this  you can download it from HERE .
It is a very delicate shape as you can see from the close up picture so make sure your cutting mat isn't too sticky or you might have problems removing it.


15 Nov 2012

Gift bags (cutting file)

 Woohooo I've got the gift bags finished! I decided to try to make them look like dinner jackets with shirts underneath, but once I did try a black bag  with the shirt part adhered to the card but the top didn't look right to me. So I  went backto the drawing board. I've seen lots of bags online with simple flaps folded over and that made me think something could be done with the flap to make it look like the collar  whnen it is folded over the black jacket and a V shaped white piece to look like the shirt. I  tried a prototype using white card and loved the shape of the bag in white. The bow tie could act as the clasp to keep the bag closed. So that is what I made using my Cameo and Studio Software.
I cut out the bag and assembled it from plain white cardstock. Next I cut and made the bow tie and cummer band from mirri card. I run the band through a crimper to give a pleated effect.
I  fixed the tie to the card with a foam pad. I added some gems for some bling. I drew a line down the centre to form the front of the shirt and stitches around the collar. I added some black buttons with some black accent from Ranger.

If you would like to make the bag you can download the cutting file from HERE. This is my first attempt at creating a bag from scratch in Studio so you might need to tweak it here and there for it to fit together perfectly. I had to trim the base flaps by hand a little bit. I've changd it on the cutting file so it should be ok now. 


13 Nov 2012

Great Nanny Album

I've been busy the last two evenings making a baby album for my mother in law, who is the great nanny of my grandsons.

With two babies being born so close together I thought it best to do a double album. I did this by doing concertina pages on each side of the album. This is my own design. I used what was left of the "Animal Antics"paper collection.

One mini album was adhered to the  front cover and the other to the back to when the album is opened there are two mini albums inside. I simply matted and layered the photos on both sides of each page and added a few embellishments. I kept the pages fairly simple and easy to see because my mother in law has poor eye sight.

I  allowed a 1/4inch space at each fold to allow space for embellishments so the pages wouldn't bulge and distort the album.I'm pleased with this because it works well and the album doesn't bulge at all.
I covered some cardboard from a dishwasher tablet box for the cover and created a tape to slot under a  tab as a fastening.

 I'm surprisd how quickly I finished this album, it took me just two evenings from start to finish. I am gong to visit her on Thursday so I'll be able to give it to her then.

Now, I'm not sure what I want to do for my next project. I should make some Christmas cards but I'm not enthusiastic about it this year. I usually do this task with my mother but she isn't with us  now, so the thought of doing cards without her is making me feel very sad.
Christmas is going to  bitter sweet this year. The firt without my Mum but also the frst with my new grandsons!!

Oh I know what I need to do... I've got to make the little diner jacket bags for the men for the dinner table gifts!!

11 Nov 2012

More Shoes

Its been a quiet week as far as crafting is concerned. Work seemed to take over. I went to  my local Pink Scrappers crop yesterday but  wasn't able to join in the class because baby sitting duties  were called for. I did manage to complete two more shoes so they are all done and ready for Christmas. he colours are not showing up very well. The left hand shoe  looks brown but is a deep rich red with red and white lining. The right hand shoe is light blue with red and blue  accents.I will have to add some bling later.

Hopefully this week I will have a bit more time for crafting.... hmmm what to do next?  I guess I ought to start something for the men. perhaps a little gift bag in the shape of a dinner jacket?


6 Nov 2012


I haven't painted a picture for a few months and I thought it was time to return to getting covered in paint and Mod Podge!.
This is a mixed media "funky autumn" canvas. First I coated the canvas with clear Gesso to seal it then I tore strips if  green patterned paer and adhered  them onto the canvas using Mod Podge (Matt). Next I used a leaf stencil template from 'That Special Touch'  and  autumn colours acrylic paint to colour the background then used some stamps and  sequine waist to add some additional texture. The  vertical lines  at the bottom of the picture were made with some corrugated card.
Next I cut out the tree and some leaves, fruit ( the round shapes) and heart shapes and layered them onto the canvas. I added the hearts to show I love Autumn. I drew around them and  added some dimension using Pitt pigment pens.

I sprayed the hole canvas with some yellow perfect pearls spray to give it some  sheen to represent  the start of  the frost season. I finished the canvas off with a few rubons to add even more dimension.

I started it yesterday and had to stop because the grandkids came to visit. I finished the painting  this evening. I was worried the  tree didn't stand out well fromt he background but in real life the background is  a bit paler and more yellow in colour. I thought it would take me longer but I am pleased to get it finished.

4 Nov 2012

Me & my cuz!

I've been trying to make this layout for about a week and I'm still not sure whether I like it or not. The babies are my two grandsons.
I tried to cover the daisy pattern with some Matt Accents, I dont know what went wrong but it didn't turn out well. If anything it dulled the colour of the flowers so I cut out some daisies with my Cameo and dabbed some mustard seed distress ink in the centre of eac flower. I cut out the lettering and adhered them to the centre of some daisies to create the title and hide some of the ones in the pattern. I also wrote some brief journaling inside some of the flower centres.
I cut out the teddy bear frame and matted it with some dark red paper to highlight the shapes inside the frame. I filled in the teddies with Glossy accents which worked out really well. The frame was then matted onto some white card.
That was adhered to the background. I finished it off with a little dog paper clip.

Its hard to believe that the baby on the left is the older one by 5 weeks! He was 5 lb 11 oz when he was born but the baby on the right is 9lb 12 oz  and is only a wek old in the photo.


3 Nov 2012

Another shoe

I've decided to make shoes for all the ladies that will be coming to my house for Christmas dinner.  I will use the shoes as place cards and to hold a small gift that would normally go inside a christmas cracker.  Last year I made little gift bags and they were very popular with the family so this year its going to be shoes for the ladies and I don't know what to make for the men yet. If you have any ideas what I could  make for the men that would hold a very small gift let me know!! I have the gifts for the ladies but can't say what they are because I know one of them follows my blog.

I have found another shoe template that is slightly different but of course when I went looking for it I couldn't find itso I've used the same template as before

I made the shoe in exactly the same way as the previous one this time using green card and green ostrich skin type card from Payper. I chose green and pink paper from my stash for the shoe lining. I edged the shoe with pink gems. I found this  flower in my stash as well but I rememebr buying it from a bargain store that sold all sorts of things including a small selection of craft items.
I altered the flower but adding some more pink gems around the edge and in the centre. You've got to have a bit of bling at Christmas don't you? lol

The glue is still drying  and I haven't yet decided if I want to add anything to the heel. I think it looks OK as it is for now.