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13 Oct 2012

Welcome new baby! Top Hat

What a long week!! Monday to Thursday spent at the hospital waiting for baby to arrive. Finally he decided to make an appearance on Thursday. Daughter was brilliant  and  delivered baby Dylan in about  8 hours front stat to finish. He is a whopping 9lb 12 oz with a thick mop of black hair... and absolutely gorgeous!! He's so much bigger than my 1st grandson who was born 5 weeks ago and is still only 6lb 6oz!!  I can't wait to see the two of them together!!

Needless to say he is the reason I haven't had time to craft this week but he was worth it!
 Now Mum and baby are out of hospital I managed to spend a few hours at Chepstow Pink Scrappers crop this afternoon. I put a few pictures into my granny brag book, then I joined the mini class to make this lovey top hat.

It was made from a design by .... errr .....I've forgotten. The instructions are upstairs and I'm too tired to go fetch them. I'll acknowledge the designer tomorrow. I used double sided card stock from my stash. As you can see in the photos eyelets were added tot he front of the hat and thread with some very narrow ribbon. I adhered some dark red ribbon to form the hat band. I cut out some holly leaves and adhered them to the side of the hat to add some embellishments.

I've started making a little stand to put it on but the paint is drying so I can't use it at the moment.

There were a few fiddly bits that needed some patience like fixing the top of the hat to the main body but  I'm pleased with it as a first attempt at it. I'll have another try and see if I can improve it.

What to do next??? hmmm I think a couple of  full page layouts to commemorate my two new grandsons


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