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3 Oct 2012

Blooper week.

Hello Friends!
Its been a manic week to say the least. I have been crafting but couldn't find the lead to upload my pictures from my camera, then I found the lead and mislayed the camera!!!  Well I have finally found both and here I am.
What have I been doing this week? well, I did make a gorgeous card from a Tina Fitch file but I gave it the person  then I realised I'd forgetten to take a photo of it!! GRRRRRR as you can see its been a real blooper week!!
Ahh well, I've got to make another birthday card soon so I'll try to remember to take a photo of that one!!
I have managed to take  photos of the otrher things I've been making. Needless to say with two grand children likely to be born a month apart I've been preoccupied with baby things. My 1st grandson is now  a motnh old and grandson 2 is due any time this week!!

Here are some of the photos of brag book 2.

I won't bore you with all the pictures because they are similar to the previous book. The frames are different and so are the tags but there isn't a huge differenece that would be worth posting.

  Its a relief to get it finished in time for the new baby's arrival. All I have to do now  is wait for him to make an appearance so I can take masses of photos to fill the album!!

Next I made a congratualtions card for my daughter and partner. This is a design by Amanda Davis. You can see her designs on Facebook. I did alter the petals slightly. I cut out the easel card flower base then cut the topper with the footprints cut out. I put sticky tape behind the footprints and wording then covered them with glitter in the same way as I did the teddy bear spine to my albums. I backed the topper to hide the tape then adhered it tot he card. I edged the card with blue distress ink but it doesn't show up very well in the photo. A simple greeting  adhered with foam pads finsihed the card off. The topper isn't lined up perfectly but the state I've been in I thought it best to leave it as it was lol.


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