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4 Oct 2012

Baby box revamp - Baby cutting file

I'm going to have two babies of the same age visiting me so I thought it would be a good idea to keep a few things like spare nappies, wet wipes, baby 'stuff' here to save my son and daughter from having to bring things with themm everytime they visit.

I still have the boby box from when I first had my own children. I'm surprised its lasted this long. Nooooo! I haven't had baby things in it all this time. It ended up as a first aid box so I've found another box for the first aid things. The baby box is over 30 years old and looks dated so I thought I'd tart it up a bit..... out came my vynil..... out came my studio software and this is what I managed to create........ this is the lid.
 The baby and pram are made from layered pieces of  Oracal 650 vynil. You might recognise the baby's head from earlier albums I made when doing my own baby albums. The handle is ordinary glitter vynil I got from Wilkinsons (UK store). 
The wording is just  a font called Coaster 

You are welcome to download the file from HERE



  1. VERY cute, as always, Sheridan! So are each of your grandsons going to have their own box?! You could also do a box for keepsakes for each baby!!

  2. Naaa they'll have to share the baby box but.....OOOOO ......A KEEP SAKE BOX IS A BRILLIANT IDEA!!!


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