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30 Oct 2012

3D Shoe

 Having made a 3D hat I thought I'd try a 3D shoe tonight.

I was quite pleased with the final result given it is my first attempt. The template is Ellen Hutson witches shoe template  from a few years ago.
 I transferred the template onto my Studio software. I cannot offer you the cutting file as it is against her copyright but you can down load the template from her website linked  above.
 I cut the shoe out  from black card from my stash. It is pretty stiff card.  I then cut the template cut again this time using skin style "Payper" card stock....... I'm not sure if it is card because it has a plastic type coating and is thin, very flexible but  strong.

I folded the black card to form the shape of the shoe, then I adhered the skin  card over the black shoe.

Next, I cut the inside lining of the shoe using  patterned paper from the Portobello Road collection I adhered that to the inside of the shoe. I didn't line it up quite accurately and there were a few gaps along the side of the shoe. I had part of the skin pieces left that I didn't stick to the outside so I used that to cover the sole of the shoe. It did the job of covering my mistakes.

Now it is time to decorate the shoe. I punched  3 holes both side of the front "opening" and inserted gem brads. The bottom brad secured the two sides of the shoe front. Here I inserted some curled wire and a feather. I didn't want to add too much being as its my prototype.

Saying that I felt it needed something else, but what? I finally struck on the idea of using some peel offs to edge the heel and around the edges of the shoe.

I used a chain effect peel off but in retrospect I think simple straight lines would have looked better.
I'm surprised how sturdy it turned out to be, I think it would be lovely with a sprig of flowers or some chocolates wrapped in cellophane  inserted inside the shoe as a small gift.

 I think the shoe would look lovely in the steam punk style too.

 I think Ellen has made other style  shoe templates  so I'm going to see if I can find  some more!!


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