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2 Sep 2012

Water bottle

Tomorrow is the first day back at work so I thought I ought to get a few things ready. A lot of my preparation has already been done during the holidays but I wanted to put my name on a few things..... well my mug and water bottles to be precise lol. Why do I need 2 water bottles? One is for water and the other is to take milk in to work for my coffee.

I got out my holographic vinyl, cut out my names and some butterflies and adhered them to the items. I hope the vinyl stays on them because its just vinyl I bought from  my local DIY store. I guess only time and washing up will tell.

Tomorrow is also an important day because my first grandson s likely to be born. The baby's mum is going to be induced. Everyone is just sooooooo  exited and looking forward to  our first grandchild!  I must get cracking on a baby card so its off to my craft room I go!!


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