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26 Aug 2012

Cameo Cover

 I 'm struggling to get my mojo back after the events of the last month. I'm finding it hard to start something new.

Last night I decided to update my 12 tags in 2012 album by simply cutting out, June, July and August's lettering and added them to the corresponding pockets. I adhered a couple of embellishments and that was it.
I haven't taken photo's of those because they weren't that interesting. That did give me the motivation to do something new.

 I decided to make a dust cover for my Cameo. I haven't sewn for a long time so I only had a couple of offcuts I'd bought for scrapping and they were too small to use. I usually cover the machine with a cloth bag that come with a handbag I'd bought ages ago so I used that instead.
I cut the bag open and cut a rectangle just slightly larger than the width of the machine and  slightly longer than the machine. I use a piece of paper to draw around the side of the machine and use as a template. It was basically a quarter of a circle shape. I rounded off the top of the "triangle" and pinned the sides to the rectangle.
I used my sewing machine to  sew the side seams and make the hem at the bottom.
It loked a bit plain so I cut up a hair band I had and attached it to the front of the cover.
Voila!! one cover for my machine . The total cost of making it was £1.50 which was the cost of the hair band.

Oh!  by the way, the machine rests on one of those desk mats  to keep it even when I'm using it. The picture on the mat is two golden retriever puppies... you can only see the legs but they aren't attached to my machine like it  looks in the photo!! lol.


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  1. I finally got a Cameo and I need to create a cover for it as well. That will have to go on my to-do list.


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