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18 Aug 2012

Metallic flakes

After an emotional and difficult  fortnight when my mother passed away,  followed by  a two week break in Cornwall and finally I'm crafting again. Crafting is so good to help me relax and lift my spirits.

In Cornwall I found a lovely Craft shop called Moments in Bude.   
Corrr.... sea, sand and a craft shop what more could you ask for from a holiday? I wont mention the weather because that was pretty wet putting it mildly!!  Still on wet days I browsed the craft shop so there was a silver lining to those dark wet clouds lol.  I bought a lovely "Indigo Blu" stamp (Juliet)and some metallic flakes and accessories (glue and sponge). I've been looking forward to playing with my new toys!

This is my first attempt at using the flakes. I'm very pleased with the result. They were much easier to use that I expected.
What did I do to make this card?
 I covered some "Cut n Dry" sponge with the very sticky glue and used that to cover my new stamp. I briefly pressed the stamp onto black card and covered the image with the flakes. I rubbed the flakes over the glued area. Next I rubbed the sponge over the flakes. The sponge is sightly rough so removes any excess flakes to reveal the image.

I matted and layered the topper with Metallic Rose designed paper from my stash and put the onto a black card. The  colours look brighter in this photo but in reality they are a more beige/brassy colour that matches the flecks in the image.  I'll  type out an insert when I'm ready to give it away.

I'm pleased with the results and will definitely be using this metallic look again.



  1. Absolutely stunning! I haven't seen these flakes yet...but I will be on the lookout.

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